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Ztylus Case With Revolver 4 In 1 Modular Interchangeable Lens

Ztylus Case With Revolver 4 In 1 Modular Interchangeable Lens

July 21, 2018 05:05:24 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

Ztylus wasn’t the primary mobile lens that uses a revolving mechanism to host multiple lenses in one integrated body. another makers had done this sort of style before, for instance the TurtleJacket PentaEye that I’ve additionally reviewed during this diary before.

But Ztylus has managed to up the ante by making a additional subtle mechanism and delightful style with its Lens revolver.

It’s therefore subtle that the primary time I hold it in my hand I didn’t extremely acumen it purported to work. You see, not like different revolver lenses, all four Ztylus lenses area unit hidden within its shiny metal revolving disc case. every of the lens is connected to at least one of the three retractile ‘arms’ that you just swing open A.L.A Swiss-Army knife once ever you would like to use any of it.

t’s associate degree completely cool design! Granted it will take a short while to be told it (I had to browse the manual to search out out what I had to do), however once you get a suspend of it you may sling it like Billy ‘The Kid’ in no time.

Ztylus protecting cases area unit made of exhausting plastic that provide comprehensive protection from each angle. i do know this as a result of I did accidentally drop my iPhone and was extremely glad that I had my Ztylus case on. The case had a scratch however my iPhone survived the accident, because of Ztylus.

The case comes in 2 separate items, the highest half the all-time low half. to put in the case you only slide your iPhone within the highest half and slide within the bottom half to shut it. Finally there’s a screw connected to all-time low half that you’ll tighten to secure the 2 elements.

The front a part of the case has its edges raised to safeguard the iPhone screen once you place the phone face down.

The interior of the case is lined with soft micro-fibre material to forestall any scratches to your already scratch-prone iPhone half dozen body. It additionally works as a rudimentary ‘shock-breaker’ to feature more protection against drops and knocks.

All the buttons and holes area unit simply accessible.  Even the half wherever the lightning plug settled has quite an huge gap therefore you’ll use a non-standard lightning charger cable with a much bigger head, that could be a and.

There a pair of models offered, one with exhausting plastic bottom half and therefore the different one with hand-polished metal (the one I’m reviewing right now).

The whole case along feels terribly durable and hard, actually it’s additionally pretty significant, particularly the one with metal bottom half. this can be one thing that one ought to remember of as a number of you may not just like the superimposed weight.

the four lenses area unit connected to the three ‘swinging’ arms. The camera lens and therefore the CPL has its own arm whereas the camera lens and therefore the Macro along area unit connected on the last arm. The camera lens sits on prime of the Macro lens and to use the Macro you would like to detach the camera lens that is magnetically ‘glued’ to the macro lens.

To actually use any of the lens you would like to rotate it into a particular position marked by a red dot. it’ll ‘click’ and lock into place additionally once it’s in this position. This makes every rotation from one lens to future is precise.

When you end victimisation the lens, or once you need to modify to a different lens, simply restore the arm within the revolver, and repeat the method on top of with a distinct.

Finally, the surface on the rear of the case encompasses a leather-like rubbery bit. As a mobile lensman this can be one vital issue on behalf of me as a result of it adds grip once I am holding the iPhone to require image.

Now let’s inspect the foremost attention-grabbing a part of the case, that’s the half wherever we will connected the Lens revolver. If you notice at the rear of the case there’s a spherical disc. This disc will be detached to form house for the Lens revolver.

Lenses Performance

Ztylus lenses area unit factory-made from top-quality glass.

there area unit four variety of lenses within the revolver. they’re the camera lens, the camera lens, the Macro and therefore the Circular Polariser Lens (CPL).

The camera lens as you recognize can provide you with that most angle to suit everything before of you in a very single frame. the sole issue is that similar to different camera lens lenses the image can suffer from Barrel Distortion and can feature black circular frame round the image, that Ztylus encompasses a bit over my feeling. although this can be intelligible since the lens sits a touch bit afar from the iPhone normal lens.

But except for this, the resulted pictures area unit sharp and sport little aberration (blurriness) on the fringes.

Standard iPhone Lens



Standard iPhone Lens



The camera lens provides you constant impact because the wide-angle lens albeit in a very lesser degree, and while not the distortion and therefore the black edges. you may work less scenery in a very frame however still over the quality iPhone lens. It’s an ideal lens to use in a very state of affairs wherever you would like simply to ‘squeeze in’ a couple of individuals in a very cluster picture however you’re running out of house to back out.

The Macro lens is my favorite. simply take a glance of what it’s capable of! i’ll let the subsequent pictures I took to talk for itself.

The Macro lens is really hidden behind the camera lens that is connected magnetically to the lens frame. simply detach it and you may have your Macro.

Lastly, the CPL. i have to admit that this lens is one i take advantage of the smallest amount and that i would imagine constant with you. The issue could be a CPL solely helpful {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in {a terribly|a really|a awfully}} very specific moment and for a very explicit state of affairs. the foremost common situations once you may be victimisation CPL is once you need eliminate glare and reflection. for instance the glare of the sun mirrored on a body of water.  Or once you need to require picture of things on the opposite aspect of a window. or simply to urge the blue of the sky.

Final finding

The great issue concerning the revolver lens style is that you just have all the lenses you would like in one integrated instrumentality. there’s no ought to replace one lens with another simply to use totally different one.

Particularly with Ztylus, they need managed to form a standard style with the attachment mechanism. this implies that if and once a brand new set of lenses area unit offered your case are going to be able to accommodate them.

Or the opposite means around, once a brand new phone comes out, you only got to get a brand new case and your lens can still work! actually, if i need to use this lens with my recent iPhone five, the sole issue i want to try to to is to urge Ztylus case for iPhone five.

It’s not simply lenses either, if you visit Ztylus web site you may notice that except for lenses you’ll additionally get associate degree LED Ring lightweight attachment.

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