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You Should Know About History Of The Zamzam Well in Saudi Arabia

You Should Know About History Of The Zamzam Well in Saudi Arabia

September 12, 2018 01:39:47 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

Makkah’s Zamzam Well has the simplest drinkable on the face of the world. Pilgrims at the Grand Mosque confirm they drink the maximum amount as attainable and get containers to require home to friends and family. There is plentiful Zamzam water despite large consumption by pillar of Islam and Umrah pilgrims over the years.

The water was a present from Supreme Being to Prophet Ismail, peace be upon them, once he cried of thirst as hismotherHajar sought for water by running between the hillocks of Safa and Marwa. She did this till Supreme Being, in His graciousness, ensured that water started gushing out from below his

Since then, it’s become a practice to guard the well, to confirm it continues to produce residents, pilgrims and guests. This is the perform these days of the project created by defender of the 2 Holy Mosques King Abdullah in the Kadi space in Makkah.

The project provides five,Thousand solid meters of Zamzam water and two hundred,000 plastic 10-liter containers on a each day.

The plant was engineered at a price of SR 700 million in Ramadan 2010 and has forty two distribution points running from its headquarters. As a result, Zamzam water containers ar offered on a 24-hour basis. The project’s progressive system will manufacture up to five million liters of water through a linear filter.

It has a principal tank with a capability of ten million liters, with four pumps to the Grand Mosque’s sq. through a two hundred metric linear unit stainless-steel line.

The production industrial plant was engineered on thirteen,405 sq. meters and consists of many buildings with air compressors, a warehouse and production lines. It has 10MW electrical generators and works on the carangid system, that permits for management and monitoring of all phases of the project as well as pumping water from the well and packaging.

The project additionally features a central warehouse with air-con and warning and fireplace systems value SR seventy five million. There are fifteen levels of storage and distribution of one.5 million 10-liter containers. The factory is coupled through lines and bridges to confirm easier production and distribution between buildings.

1.The Story of however it came to be This correct account of the originofZam-zam holds with it associate degree exquisite message Hajar (Alayhis salaam) created use of the little quantity of food that Ibrahim (Alayhis salaam) left for her and her baby, however ran out eventually and was shortly thirsty and hungry-her milk dried up, her baby Ismail (Alayhis salaam) became hungry and started to cry. Hajar couldn’t afford seeing her son in pain thus climbed up the Hill that was later known as As-Safa, to examine if there was anyone within the horizon.

She saw nobody. She then climbed down, and reaching the natural depression, ran to the opposite hill, later known as Al–Marwa, doing a similar once more, all this point her son twisting and handing over hunger. She perennial this seven times, and on the seventh time reached the highest of the Hill and detected a sound. To her amazement she found it returning from below the feet of Ismail (Alayhis salaam).

At that time Jibra’eel (Alayhis salaam) began creating by removal the well of Zam-zam from below his feet. Hajar was excited to contain the water, it being a desert and then arid and dry-the water would flow into the bottom, and she or he tried creating a pool to contain it.

  1. Its Names

The names of Zam-zamar several, over sixty in keeping with some consultants and scientists, its names derived from its characteristics. a number of the acquainted ones are:

Murwiya (derived from the Arabic sense ‘quenched’)

Shabbaa’a- (derived from ‘satisfying’)


  1. 3. Positive Energy

Within Zam-zam is associate degree ingredient completely different to different waters, that heals and helps energetic and cell systems at intervals the chassis. The German someone Dr Canute the Great Pfeiffer,and head of the most important medical centre in Munich, has studied Zam-zam together with his colleague and assistant Husam Othman. A miracle in itself is that the Zam-zam specimen they studied still terribly accrued dramatically the energetic fields in human cells having traveled from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Munich, water particularly if stagnant for a few time, as well as water from Munich that is taken into account chemically pure.

  1. Its Purity

Evian – water from the very best a part of the French Alps is famous for its high mineral content and

purity, and high proportion of bicarbonates (357mg/l). Murwiya contains 366mg/l of bicarbonates,

and is purer, in reality the purest water on earth.

  1. Healing Nature

Scientific proof shows that Zam-zam contains healing elements because of its higher content of

calcium and metallic element salts and natural fluorides that gift antiseptic properties.

  1. The miracle of its Origin

Mecca is constructed on a mass of rock, and because of the method during which they kind, these rocks have no pores and – because of partial melting of the minerals of that the rock contains -cause anyexisting pores to shut up. Science tells United States of America that water reservoirs will solely exist in rocks that are extremely porous and porous. scientist Dr Zaghloul Al-Najjar, head of The Committee of Scientific Signs in the sacred writing and hadith states that this straightforward and nice reality verifies the quality and quality of the land.

  1. Hadith substantiates its Science

Origins of the water was a mystery till tunnels were mammary gland around Makkah, wherever engineers and workers found hairline fractures within the solid mass of rock that stretched for kilometers in either direction through that Zam-zam was leaky out, intensive fractures that might solely be caused by a mighty impact. hadith states that it’s due to the sturdy blow with that Jibra’eelAlayhis salam stricken the world that Isma’eelAlayhis salaam was ready to drink.

The well isn’t that deep, thirty metres in reality of that thirteen metres or a touch less are full of compressed sediments from the natural depression that don’t enable water to emanate. Below this is often concerning seventeen metres of rock through that the water flows through these long hairline fractures within the rock, wherever it gains its high mineral content helpful to each the body and soul of man.

7 Reasons Why Zamzam is that the Best Water on Earth

  1. Zamzam isn’t only for consumption, however will be wont to heal illness.

It was according that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) drank it, did wudoo’ with it and poured it on his head. He wont to carry Zamzam water in little vessels and huge containers so as to pour it on the sick and provides it to them to drink. (al-Silsilat al-Saheehah, 883).

  1. Zamzam water is what one intends to drink for. The prophet Mohammad [PBUH] aforesaid, “The water of Zamzam fulfils the aim that it’s been drunk”. [Refer to Misnad Ahmed].

However, do note that this should be through with full confidence and religion that this can work, if God wills. If one drinks it with zero or partial confidence and expects it to figure, then they may feel disappointed if it doesn’t work the means they need pictured it to be. moreover, keep in mind that drinkingZamzam is one amongst our efforts to realize our intentions however it’s Supreme Being that cures illness and gives you sustenance.

  1. it’s packed with multiple parts that ar sensible for your body. The analysis of Zamzam water contains multiple parts like atomic number 11, Calcium,

Zamzam water has additionally been treated by ultraviolet rays and microorganisms don’t have any place to According to varied chemical analyses, dry weather build Zamzam a lot of saline through

  1. it’s been well-tried to forestall the formation of urinary organ stones. evaporation, which is, with Allaah’s would possibly, sensible for the chassis. Magnesium, Potassium, hydrogen carbonate, Chloride, Fluoride, Nitrate, Sulfate, and different minerals.

survive in it, which implies that Zamzam water preserves its style and isn’t a decent setting for

bacteria. In a study done by Dr.Saeed Al Ghamdi from the college of drugs, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah within the Open Journal of medicine, it had been well-tried that the multi-ioniccontents of Zamzam water stop the formation of nephritic stone that illustrates the special characteristic of this water and build it completely different from different kinds of waters. An experiment was done on teams of rats and within the rats that were fed Zamzam water, he found that they free heaps a lot of excretion than the others. This indicated the diuretic drug effects of Zamzam

which is that the ability to be a tool to unharness body toxins through excretion. additionally, the pH of the excretion was found to be of high basic pH of seven.3, that might decrease the formation of urinary organ stones. This is as a result of once the dangerous toxins are fitly and frequently free, there’ll be less chance of the formation of crystals within the kidneys.

  1. It commemorates a special incident in monotheism history with SitiHajar and her son Ismail.

When you are drinking this, be gift to the spirit of SitiHajar, the intellect of Prophet Ismail when he was a baby, the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim a.s. in going his married woman and son within the natural depression of Safa and Marwa with the total religion and confidence that Supreme Being can watch out of them.

  1. Zamzamare going to be unbroken as pure as attainable because it is protected by Supreme Being.

Zamzam water is completely different from different water in several ways: initial no microorganism will kind at its supply.

Second, it willn’t go stale nor does it modification color, style or smell. Biological growth and vegetation sometimes crop up in most wells and this makes water tasteless due to the expansion of algae resulting in changes in style and odour.

The pillar of Islam research facility additionally conducted special researches concerning Zamzam water and it found that it has a wondrous physique that creates it completely different from different drinkable liquids. The pillar of Islam analysis center tells that once they were creating by removal for a lot of wells of Zamzam they found the a lot of they take from the well the a lot of the quantity of water becomes. They additionally examined the extent of its purity and they found that it’s pure and sterile water that has no any germs in it.

  1. The water within the Zamzam well is ever-flowing and can still be. The water level is three.23 m (10.6 ft) below the surface. A pumping check at eight,000 litres per second (280 cu ft/s) for quite a twenty four hour amount showed a visit water level from three.23 m (10.6 ft) below surface to twelve.72 m (41.7 ft) then to thirteen.39 m (43.9 ft), once that the water level stopped receding. once pumping stopped, the water level recovered to three.9 m (13 ft) below surface solely eleven minutes later. This information shows that the formation feeding the well looks to recharge from rock fractures in neighbor mountains around Mecca.

In conclusion, each Muslim house should have a bottle of Zamzam!

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