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Innovative Presence 360 Degree View Smartphone Security Camera Robot

Innovative Presence 360 Degree View Smartphone Security Camera Robot

September 28, 2018 02:54:12 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

People Power Announces World’s 1st iOS and Android Enabled Smartphone Security Camera Robot Presence 360 to Reveal Blind Spots for Home Security and Care.

Breathe New Life Into An Unused Phone With the Intelligent Motion-Sensing Smartphone Robot which will Automatically Keep an eye fixed on the foremost vital Locations in Your Home

DALLAS, TX–(Marketwired – Gregorian calendar month thirteen, 2016) – people Power, a services enablement company providing apps, cloud and mobile services for the web of Things (IoT), nowadays announces Presence 360, the world’s 1st 360-degree smartphone security camera Robot  that reveals existing blind spots in home security. Presence 360 integrates with folks Power’s free Presence App, that reimagines spare sensible devices into remotely monitored video cameras and has already sent over eighty million Presence Video Alerts worldwide.

By downloading the Presence app on an unused smartphone and cradling that device in Presence 360’s adjustable arms, users will monitor their homes and worshipped ones in 360-degrees, management viewing angles remotely and mechanically receive motion detected video alerts once they’re removed from home.

Presence 360 provides your spare smartphone the power to rework into an Internet-connected security camera, with the power to require a glance around from anyplace within the world. Setting it up is simple – we’ll walk you thru it.

Step 1 – Plug in your Presence 360

Use solely the facility provide that came with the Robot. it’ll offer enough power to work Presence 360 and charge your smartphone at the same time. You’ll see the blue lightweight on the automaton steady breath in and out as it’s searching for a phone to try with.

Step 2 – Run the Presence app on your extra smartphone

Download the app, “Presence,” from the Google Play. activate Bluetooth. produce an account or sign into Presence, so faucet into “Use this device as a camera.”

Step 3 – Place your smartphone Presence camera interested in the Presence 360

Your smartphone canAutomatically connect with the Robot, and start dominant it. The blue lightweight can blink speedily whereas it connects, and can still blink on and off at a way slower rate to allow you to grasp the Presence 360 is alive. You’ll see the automaton go searching whereas it makes positive it will flip all the manner around, 360 degrees.

Be sure to plug your phone into the USB outlet provided by the automaton to stay your phone charged!

Step 4 – View your camera remotely

On your primary phone, transfer the Presence app and register victimisation identical username and countersign as your camera. faucet into the camera to look at it remotely (we renamed ours “Presence 360 camera”). faucet anyplace on the screen whereas viewing remotely to maneuver the robot!

Traditional security cameras are pricey and solely allow you to see one static read, that leaves users blind to something outside of the camera’s visibility. Presence 360’s full pan-and-tilt and 360-degree rotation permits users to appear all around. Users will customise however long the camera remains at every vantage too.

Set Presence 360 to automatically pan to the outside door for fifteen seconds, the room window or the other space of the house. Presence 360 cycles through those vantage points automatically to look for intruders or activity   recording video the moment motion is detected. once motion is detected, a Presence Video Alert of the activity is shipped straight to the user’s smartphone similarly on their sure circle of family and friends.

Combine that with the Presence app’s motion alerts and video clip storage and this feels like a reasonably solid different to a standard camera. I even have only 1 question — if you are disbursement $99 on this factor, why not act and invest in a very ancient security camera?

The whole attractiveness behind camera apps like Presence, Manything (featured within the video above) and Salient Eye is that you simply will flip a spare phone into a makeshift security device for gratis. $99 is a smaller amount than most of the protection cameras I’ve tested, however folks Power plans to raise the value of Presence 360 to $140 when the Indiegogo campaign ends.

The Presence Security Pack extends the worth of Presence 360. It works through the Presence app and combines entry, motion, water, humidity, temperature and bit sensors to make a full home watching resolution.

Also proclaimed nowadays could be a vital performance increase to the Robot version of Presence, that comes as a results of a conscientious refactoring of the favored mobile application. Robot users can expertise a rise in performance three times bigger with the re-creation of Presence, out there nowadays within the Google Play Store.

With Presence 360, you’ll be able to found out to a few vantage points covering views of your outside door, your back door, and your room window for example. you’ll be able to decide however long your smartphone’s camera should stay at every vantage. Presence 360 will cycle through those vantage points mechanically, checking out intruders or activity  recording video the moment motion is detected. If motion is detected, you may receive a video alert mere seconds when the activity is recorded.

you’ll be able to assign names for your custom vantage points too, and recall them manually whereas observance Presence live from a foreign location. With full pan-and-tilt rotation, change your settings to absolutely customise the Presence 360 expertise to assist shield the folks and stuff you love the foremost. It’s super simple.

Presence 360 is compatible with iOS and robot smartphones.

The people  behind the robot and iPhone Presence app and therefore the Presence Security Pack, are introducing a brand new piece of hardware nowadays via Indiegogo: Presence 360.

Presence 360’s features and capabilities

360-degree pan-and-tilt practicality

Set as several as 3 “vantage points,” like entryway, kitchen and living room

Presence 360 will automatically scan those areas for activity

Tips and Tricks

* If your phone has a large screen, chances are high that it’ll be terribly power hungry. Dim your screen with the Dim Screen button to stay it charged.

* you’ll be able to mount your Presence 360 to any standard camera mount with the screw terminal on the bottom.

* you’ll be able to ignore the little button at the highest of the Robot. It’s used to unpair from a phone if control for over five seconds.

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