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What Is SEO And Why Is It Important?

What Is SEO And Why Is It Important?

What Is SEO And Why Is It Important?

January 22, 2018 03:08:33 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur
What Is SEO And Why Is It Important?Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more important than ever now. It is vital for each and every webmaster to understand the true meaning and the significance of SEO since It has the potential to take your business to the next level. This article will talk about the SEO details and various reasons why you should take it seriously.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO to put it plainly, is a set of guidelines that can be implemented by a site (or blog) owner to enhance it for the web crawlers and along these lines enhances the Search Engine Results Page rankings (SERP). Consider the web crawler as a robot sent by the search engines to crawl the Internet. Once it reaches your website, it tries to figure out which link points to what content and extracts the keywords from that page. This is a simplistic version of what the crawlers do, but should suffice in this context. It is an awesome technology and helps the end users find the good & appropriate content which would have been otherwise quite undiscoverable in the ocean of content on the internet. SEO not only increases the quality of the website by making it easy to discover, but also makes it more understandable and less demanding to explore.

Why Is SEO Important?

Web search engines serve a large number of clients searching for answers to their queries or answers for their issues every day. If you have a site, blog or online store that serves that niche, SEO can enable your business to meet the clients in an organic way. In effect, it helps by telling the end users that you exist!

Search Results

Research shows that most search results end on page 1 or 2. Check the following result page. Would you click on one of the links in the SERP or simply go to the next page? I would probably click the first 3 or 5 links at max! If your web page doesn’t show up, it is lost business. To ensure you are listed on the first page and gain some decent number of visitors organically… the links on your website must be in the best positions.

Website optimization isn’t just about web indexes however. Great SEO enhances the user experience and ease of use of a site. All popular search engines, rank the pages on how usable it is and not just how many Meta tags it has!

In “Search Engines”, we trust…

Trust is transitive. Most users trust their favourite search engines and just wouldn’t budge, and having a presence in the best positions for the keyword will eventually build your website’s trust.

Social Media

SEO is useful for the social interaction of your site too. If you are discovered during the searches, there are chances that word of mouth will follow. Especially, if you write great content! People always look for great content. Remain in mind that there is no shortcut to success. If you write poor content, there is no way SEO can help. Even if it does, it will be momentary success. Write great content and follow the SEO best practices so that your article goes viral organically.

Optimising your website can put you in front of the opposition. On the off chance that two sites are offering a similar thing, the users streamlined site will probably have more clients and make more deals.

Things to optimise for better SEO

SEO is not a static process. Instead it a system with tenets and procedures. Consider it a fine tuning process and with conscious efforts you will become better in writing search engine optimized articles.

Meta Title & Description

Create meaningful and crisp Meta titles and descriptions. These help a lot in conveying meaningful information about your page. Notice how Google displayed the content with higher Meta matches on top.

Meta Tags:

H1 tags

Making the titles bold doesn’t help as much as putting the same title as H1, H2, H3, and so on. Use Headers instead of larger or smaller fonts. The robots will be happier if you tell them what is a heading, vs. the font is of size 22px!

Keyword Density

If you article is meaty, you would have a specific keyword repeat in the article anyways. You need to strike the balance and I would vote for better readability than higher SEO. A little wordplay here and there helps. Notice that in this paragraph I have three instances of the word SEO. It was intentional just to show you how you can play with words to get higher SEO. Be cognisant however, and don’t overdo the keywords just to get the SEO right.

Mobile friendliness

Search engines now rank pages on how well your page looks on a mobile device. If your page doesn’t render well on a mobile device and is not mobile friendly, your rankings will be hit. Use the [free test by Google] to see if your page is mobile friendly. You need to read the result and fine-tune as necessary.


Get more backlinks by writing GREAT Content!

If your content is great, people will link back to it. The more people link to you, the higher you start ranking. As you can guess, this is harder than the rest of the fine-tunings. If you want to get backlinks, write good content… period! There are a few ways you can build your genuine backlinks, but I will discuss them in a separate article later.

What’s the difference between Internet Marketing and SEO?

So, is SEO the same as Internet Marketing?

To put it plainly, SEO is one of the tools available for your Internet Marketing arsenal. In other words, great SEO is a subset of your Internet Marketing campaign, which typically comprises of different things like content strategy, social media promotion and so on. Amazing content is again the most vital success factor with or without SEO.

A site with great content can do well with or without SEO. Web optimisation will simply give the site an additional lift. Website optimisation is an unquestionable requirement for each web property.


SEO is an approach to enhance your site with the goal that web crawlers will comprehend it better and give you higher rankings which will bring more visitors to your website. After you create a great content, the first vital step should be to optimise it for the search engines.

We are here to help!

We have content writers who have expertise in writing and optimising articles for SEO. We would be more than happy to take up the SEO responsibility off your shoulders at a very nominal fee, so that you do what you do best… Write Great Articles and leave the rest to us!!!

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