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Vein Viewer Technology Illuminates the Vein underneath the Skin

Vein Viewer Technology Illuminates the Vein underneath the Skin

September 01, 2018 05:41:59 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

Vein Viewer could be a mobile vascular-imaging system that enables aid suppliers to obviously see accessible vasculature directly on the surface of the skin in real time.

Vein Viewer is that the solely vein finder of its kind that may completely impact the whole Pre-, throughout and Post-access procedure  and is well-tried to scale back the quantity of stick makes an attempt on patients and greatly increase patient satisfaction.

Vein Viewer uses near-infrared lightweight and alternative proprietary technologies to find connective tissue vasculature and project its image directly onto the surface of the skin in real time. With market-leading image quality, exclusive modes, and best hands-free technique, clinicians across the country and round the world area unit mistreatment Vein Viewer to immensely improve tube-shaped structure access and patient care

With HD imaging and Df² technology, this tiny Vein Viewer model is that the brightest and solely hand-held vein illuminator that has advantages for all patients throughout the whole Pre-, During- and Post- tube-shaped structure access procedure. it’s ideal for alternate care facilities, like surgery and blood/plasma centers, in addition as home aid and Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Vein Viewer Flex is meant for sturdiness and most movable ness. Flex is additionally suited to hospital departments like the Emergency Department Associate in Nursingd neonatal intensive care unit wherever house needs and speed of assessment demand an ultra-portable and reliable vein finder.

VeinViewer will quite simply find veins

Locating veins is just the primary step to a productive puncture procedure. With HD imaging and Df2 (Digital Full Field) technology, VeinViewer® is that the solely vein finder that may assist you improve the overall patient expertise by reducing the quantity of sticks, doubtless up endovenous tube dwell times and avoiding associated complications. Use our ROI calculator to work out the potential price savings related to VeinViewer technology.

How will It Work?

With HD imaging and exclusive Df2 (digital full field) technology, VeinViewer is that the solely vein illuminator that has advantages for all patients throughout the whole Pre, throughout and Post tube-shaped structure access procedure.

Projected near-infrared lightweight is absorbed by blood and mirrored by encompassing tissue. the knowledge is captured, processed and projected digitally in real time directly onto the surface of the skin. It provides a true time correct image of the patient’s blood pattern.

VeinViewer proprietary technology, mistreatment AVIN™ (Active tube-shaped structure Imaging Navigation), permits you to examine blood patterns up to 15mm deep and clinically relevant veins up to 10mm. With VeinViewer clinicians will see peripheral veins, bifurcations and valves and assess in real time the refill/flushing of veins. With image Pre-, During- and Post-procedure, clinicians will doubtless avoid complications from accidental puncture. up the overall tube-shaped structure access procedure, not simply the stick.

Vein Viewer has been well-tried to

Increase initial stick success by up to 100%

Decrease PICC lines placed thanks to troublesome blood vessel access by larger than half-hour

Increase patient satisfaction by 100%

Vein Viewer delivers valuable data for the whole tube-shaped structure access procedure and will be accustomed facilitate assess the patient Pre-, During- and Post-access. Every body from the novice to the intimate with practitioner will enjoy VeinViewer.

Pre-access: the foremost obvious vein isn’t invariably the most effective possibility for access. Vein Viewer provides clinicians with assessment data to create a a lot of conversant call.

Locate veins that area unit clinically relevant to a peripheral procedure, up to 10mm deep for PIV and up to 15mm for blood pattern assessment.

Use the Vein Viewer image with True View accuracy to create a a lot of conversant call in tube gauge choice.

Determine the placement of valves and bifurcations and avoid these problematic structures.

Find the best access purpose and vessel target that’s sufficient  for the length of the tube.

Assess blood refill rate with time period visual feedback before IV placement and through review of the location.

During-access: Unpredictable factors will build advancing the tube a challenge and will need you to begin the procedure overtime period Df² imaging, exclusive to VeinViewer, permits you to instantly react and alter your technique to assist guarantee a productive outcome.

Navigate curves within the vessel

Visualize a rolling vein:

Confirm a patent IV by visualizing the flush of IV fluids to see if the tube is flowing properly.

Post-access: Assessing the patency of the vessel with VeinViewer once tube placement will facilitate avoid potential complications and improve the patient expertise.

Detect a haematoma from Associate in Nursing accidental puncture because it forms Associate in Nursing doubtless avoid an infiltration.

Confirming a productive peripheral IV placement might facilitate avoid central lines like PICC or CVC.

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