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Ultimate Anti Iphone X:the’light Phone’ Ultra Minimalist Cellphone

Ultimate Anti Iphone X:the’light Phone’ Ultra Minimalist Cellphone

July 14, 2018 12:20:43 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur


Light phone was created by Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang, associate degree creator and products designer UN agency met inside a Google brooder in the big apple town in 2014. They were inspired to create software system apps and tutored on a deeper level however and why totally different apps were obtaining designed and funded. Quickly it became obvious that the final thing the globe required was another app, clearly these merchandise would ne’er align with our actual quality of life. light-weight was born as another to the school monopolies that area unit fighting additional and additional sharply for our attention. light-weight believes that tools will respect USA, will empower USA to be our greatest selves and appreciate our lives additional.

The Original light-weight Phone

The Light Phone is your phone removed from phone.

It’s a secondary phone that encourages you to go away behind your smartphone and luxuriate in quality time doing the items you like the foremost, freed from distraction. We have a tendency to decision this going light-weight.

Our original light-weight Phone is by design restricted to phone calls and 9 speed dials.

It’s onerous to imagine on a daily basis while not our smart phones. However, for those that feel uninterested in their smartphone’s intrusion in their personal house, there area unit few technology startup firms that have return up with merchandise that confirm you do not troubled by your Smartphone however still get pleasure from a connected expertise.

Light Phone, one with many such Kick starter-backed devices, was launched earlier this year with a promise to begin shipping its ‘anti-Smartphone’ in might. However, the corporate has apparently run into “few limitations” that have caused delays – and currently shipments can begin out of its Yantai, China plant from Gregorian calendar month thirty.

“We area unit still in beta. We’ve run into many limitations in our initial user expertise goals because of some ios restrictions. They’re not attending to impact the expertise of being light-weight, however can create turning on telephony a touch bit additional manual. we have a tendency to area unit experimenting with the assorted choices with our beta users. we’ll be shipping the phones regardless on not delay to any extent further and can still offer frequent software system updates to early adopters,” wrote the corporate on its web site.

The company guarantees that the primary giant batch of sunshine Phones (White in colour) can begin shipping in Gregorian calendar month whereas early supporters can receive the devices in December.

“We can still rollout batches of phones over the subsequent weeks. The night (Black in colour) colourway of the phone are going to be shipping out of our plant the primary or second week of Jan, we have a tendency to area unit within the method finalising the precise date,” additional the corporate.


Light Phone was launched at $100 (roughly Rs. 7,000) with the aim to be the alternative of a smartphone, associate degreed it forwards calls from your primary smartphone with the assistance of an app. the corporate at launch claimed that the sunshine Phone was designed to be used as very little as potential. light-weight Phone offers battery lifetime of up to 3 weeks with one charge and it does not support net. The phone options a 2G Nano-SIM and permits calls. It sports barely module, microphone, and Micro-USB port. The phone has no camera further.

The company on its web site has conjointly acknowledged the delays in shipments. “We perceive that we’ve got lang syne uncomprehensible our timeline goal, and that we appreciate your understanding. We’ve learned such a lot from the method and can still improve all told potential ways in which, we have a tendency to took on the bold task of building the software system in house with alittle team so as to keep up final management over the expertise, but we have a tendency to regret not having ways for sticking out correct timelines,” additional the corporate.

By removing the common options of a phone, the inventors on their Kickstarter page said: “We are not making new technology, we’re discrimination the simplest existing technology in a very new manner.”

It clothed  that, for me, living while not the various conveniences a smartphone needs to provide was nearly not possible. It had been associate degree unbelievably disagreeable week. I had hassle moving into bit with anyone while not texting, I uncomprehensible some necessary work emails, I got lost whereas driving to a meeting and that i was late to a gathering as a result of i could not realize a taxi. I ne’er completed however heavily I have confidence apps like Google Maps, Lyft and Uber. Plus, i actually uncomprehensible having a camera within the palm of my hand.

It was quite nice on the weekend, however. My husband and that i took a ski trip to lake and that simply enjoying the mountains while not a slew of texts distracting American state all day. I borrowed my husband’s phone whenever I wished to require a photograph. This might be an honest vacation phone for people who really need to urge removed from it all.

Light is beginning with a replacement phone that has a number of the items I uncomprehensible most, like texting, my contact list associate degreed an timepiece. that’s a phone i could really contemplate.

For now, i am going back to my smartphones.

Weight: 36.5g

Storage: Up to ten speed dials

Display: matrix

Battery: Up to twenty days standby

Sim card: mini 2G

Connection: GMS 580/900/1800/1900 MHz

Size: 3.4 inches x two.0 inches

The phone maker’s say it is paired with another smartphone to use at a backup in things wherever power is tough to come back by. It may even be used as a primary phone for youngsters.

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