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Ulo Home Security Interactive Surveillance Owl Monitoring Camera

Ulo Home Security Interactive Surveillance Owl Monitoring Camera

September 03, 2018 04:54:15 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur


Enjoy home security piece of mind with the Ulo interactive police investigation camera. With its clever hooter style that permits you to customise its eyes. The Ulo additionally includes a camera and electro-acoustic transducer to observe your home after you square measure away. to boot it is blocked in or run on batteries for 2 days for distinctive angles round the house.

Ulo may be a cute police investigation camera within the type of a pet hooter that utilizes this way of communication by interacting with you thru eye expressions.

Ulo creates a singular bond, like no alternative device.

It redefines the method you act with objects: Associate in Nursing organic communication.

Evidence shows that variety of facial expressions square measure associated with similar emotions across cultures. The language of our eyes is one in every of the foremost powerful and effective tools of non-verbal communication.

Eye expressions square measure Associate in Nursing economical, natural and universal thanks to connect instantly with Ulo.

Ulo’s distinctive style

Ulo’s style is what makes the camera special. In fact, it’s over a camera; it is a pet hooter equipped with eyes, a beak, and special options.

The Eyes

Ulo has eye storytelling mastered. Ulo is intended to seem like Associate in Nursing hooter, complete with an oversized combine of eyes. The eyes are literally 2 liquid crystal LCD digital screens wont to display expressions reflective completely different things. as an example:

Ulo squints once somebody is look live video feed.

It seems drowsy once the battery is below 100%.

It blinks after you take a photograph.

And my favorite, it follows your movement.

To make all of this even sweeter, you’ll be able to customise Ulo’s pupil and iris size, iris color, or the attention reflection.

The Beak And Head

The camera is hidden behind Ulo’s beak, that may be a two-way mirror. The beak additionally hides the motion sensing element and sits right higher than the electro-acoustic transducer. On prime of Ulo’s head may be a electrical phenomenon bit button that you simply will use to show the device on or off or set it to Alert Mode.

The Beak And Casing

On the rear of the device you may notice the speaker and ports for charging. And due to the overwhelming support of backers, Ulo are created waterproof. With that, you’ll be able to use Ulo for outside functions.

Ulo will either stand on a flat surface or follow walls due to its adhesive magnets.

Ulo’s visual sense and residential Security Ability

Let’s not forget that Ulo is additionally a security camera. Its image and video quality, furthermore as its options, matter greatly.

The original set up was to create Ulo with a 720p HD resolution, however that was modified to FHD 1080p, 30fps once reaching a stretch goal. The camera lacks sight however will see in low lightweight things. It additionally has motion sensing skills and offers a 110° field of read. Plus, it’ll even be ready to acknowledge your face (thanks to … you guessed it …. a stretch goal). therefore however specifically will Ulo work as a security camera?

Using the iOS or golem app, you’ll be able to access live video. That’s one in every of the simplest ways in which to create positive everything is okay whereas you are away. If you discover one thing fascinating whereas look the feed, you’ll be able to take a photograph of it.

Ulo additionally includes 3 modes: normal, spy, and alert. victimization “Alert Mode,” that you’ll be able to activate by double sound its head or by victimization the mobile app, Ulo can begin observance for motion. It additionally uses your phone to understand if you’re gift or not. as an example, if your phone is among vary, it assumes you are home and can do its cutesy animations for you. However, once your phone leaves the premises, its eyes inclose an endeavor to avoid drawing attention to itself, sort of a concealment mode. If something happens whereas you’re gone, it’ll send you Associate in Nursing animated GIF to your phone to give notice you.

Team Ulo has additionally began to share however options like automatic face recognition can have an effect on Ulo’s behavior. as an example, if the camera acknowledges you it’ll animate as happy.  this feature can improve the device’s ability to produce home security. alternative cameras that provide automatic face recognition, like Netatmo, use the feature to arm and disarm. If it sees your face, it will not record you, however if you’re home with somebody it doesn’t acknowledge, it would favor to record. this can be additionally helpful for people who don’t have smartphones, because it is not dependent upon sensing a phone’s presence. can Ulo work the same? TBD. we have a tendency to do understand that Ulo can have the flexibility to sight multiple faces at a similar time. we have a tendency to additionally understand that automatic face recognition can give auto-login, however everything else is TBD.

Controlling UloLuckily, you don’t got to be a bird trainer to manage Ulo. All you wish may be a smartphone, smartwatch, or your laptop. If you’re Associate in Nursing golem or iOS user, merely transfer the companion app that has everything you wish to manage the camera, otherwise you will use the net interface. The options accessible through the mobile app and net portal square measure identical. a number of the options accessible through the mobile app include:

Ability to swap between modes.

Remote control and access to your device from anyplace.

Access to measure streaming video.

The ability to require snapshots (short press for snapshots & long press for video recording).

Access to multiple Ulos, if you own over one device.

Limited feature access for Apple Watch and golem smartwatch users.

Other management choices

Apps and net portals not your thing? Lucky for you, the device additionally has voice management else through … you guessed it … a stretch goal. Ulo speaks English, se habla espanol, et il parle français.

You can take your management a step any by activating the Ulo IFTTT channel. IFTTT is Associate in Nursing app that makes applets that change completely different actions. Others have referred to as it adhesive tape for the net. Associate in Nursing application is in “If ‘THIS’ then ‘THAT’ format.” this can be the trigger, which is that the action. several home automation product and services square measure compatible with IFTTT. For example, you would possibly say, “If Ulo detects motion, decision my phone” or “If Ulo detects motion, flip front room lights on.”

Finally, Ulo are HomeKit compatible. although this feature won’t be prepared ab initio, the camera includes the suitable hardware for HomeKit activation.

Remote Access

Ulo offers remote access and can still do therefore. However, gaining access needs manual setup as Ulo is technically Associate in Nursing IP camera, not a WiFi camera. Yes, meaning port forwarding and every one. If you do not manually setup Ulo, you will only be ready to management and monitor it once your smartphone and Ulo square measure connected to a similar network.

Voice & Face Recognition

While the camera can still supply voice and automatic face recognition, these options can solely work offline once Ulo is supercharged by USB. sadly, they’ve found that this feature is very energy overwhelming and victimization it greatly impacts battery life – and by that I mean it’ll drain the battery in an exceedingly matter of minutes.

Improved Battery Life

Ulo can embrace 2 separate circuit boards: one for the brain, a.k.a. the head, and another for the camera. the top board is often prepared. It takes care of processes involving the 2 LCD screens, motion chase, and faucet commands. Meanwhile, the camera board solely activates after you tell it to. In short, Ulo’s camera isn’t perpetually look. however nonetheless, you’ll be able to act with Ulo anytime while not massively touching its battery life.

Modes Of Ulo’s

Ulo’s Anotomy

A – a pair of spherical one,22“ LCD screen (originally used for smartwatches)

B – one Hidden police investigation camera (1080p HD / thirty fps) & Motion sensing element below the two-way mirror beak

C – one Mono electro-acoustic transducer

D – one electrical phenomenon button

E – one atomic number 60 magnet below the rotative base

F – four Adhesive atomic number 60 magnets (⌀20mm/⌀0.8in)

G – one WiFi 802.11ac module

H – one Orientation sensing element

I – one Li-Po reversible battery

J – one micro-USB to USB cable (65cm/25.6in)

K – one Speaker

Eye Expressions And Coustamization

Ulo communicates through eye expressions. A webpage and mobile apps permits you to customise eyes color, form and size to match your interior and your style. No logos or icons square measure displayed on the screens, however you instantly understand what Ulo has in mind.

For instance, once the battery is low (under 10%) Ulo is tired,

Ulo blinks after you take a photograph,

its eyes follow your movements and Ulo squints once somebody is look live video.

Random animations add that additional spark of life that makes Ulo distinctive.

Eye expressions square measure potential due to new spherical LCD screens originally factory-made for next-generation smartwatches.


This is Associate in Nursing example of the default faucet system. you’ll be able to put together custom (and secret) sequences to trigger On/Off & Alert Mode functions.

Alert Modes

A double faucet on Ulo forehead can activate the Alert Mode.

Once your smartphone leaves your WiFi network, each movement are recorded in Associate in Nursing animated gif and sent via email.

Eye expressions don’t seem to be displayed.

When your smartphone (and therefore yourself) reconnects to your WiFi network, the alert mode is disengaged.

Live Video

It is a really easy thanks to check what’s happening in another area or once you’re away. Ulo streams directly (video & audio) on a secure webpage or mobile apps. This feature is ideal to use Ulo as a baby cam.

Instant Photos

Ulo captures snapshots on demand and sends it on a secure webpage, your dropbox account or directly on your email.

Ulo is currently waterproof!

Water Proof

This means you’ll be able to place Ulo outside, among an affordable temperature vary (-10°C/14°F to 50°C/122°F)

Battery Life

In Alert Mode, Ulo will last one week on a full charge. In everyday use, with eye expressions, Ulo must be recharged each a pair of days. after all you’ll be able to additionally leave Ulo blocked all told the time on a USB port.


Ulo will lay on a flat surface or be hanged on a wall. a group of distinct adhesive atomic number 60 magnet permits you to stay Ulo on each surface effortlessly.


Ulo services square measure accessible on a webpage, therefore it’s compatible with each device with a web affiliation and a browser.


Battery Backup

Voice management and automatic face recognition

Indoor / outside Use

Records in FHD

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