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Things to know about Google Panda before having a website designed

Things to know about Google Panda before having a website designed

Things to know about Google Panda before having a website designed

January 18, 2019 04:22:57 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

Now, here are the most important things you should know about Google Panda. Whether you’re in the process of building a new website designed. Google Panda was first released in February 2011, as an algorithm update that generated website pages with low quality content. When it was released, this update was separate take from the main Google algorithm describes above. This might seem confusing, but the distinction is important for a couple of reasons.

If the site is immediately fixed or updated the content in question, they would have to stay for the next Panda update for Google to identify those changes. Updates are from time to time several months apart, thus sites would continue to be punished for things they had already addressed.

Now are what I consider to be the top new take ways from Google about the Panda algorithm. These are all things that SEOs can put into action, either to create new, great-quality content or to enlarge the quality value of their current content.

First, the peripheral updates similar to Panda and Penguin (yes, they like naming their updates after animals…) are not updated as commonly as the main algorithm. If the website has some quality issues, it’s fixed by Panda and the site’s rankings suffer as a result.

Second reason why it’s essential to note that Panda was produced as a separate update is that, as of this month, Panda is now a part of the main Google algorithm. So let’s look a little earlier at this update and what it does (and does not) entail.

Webmasters were caught by surprise two weeks ago, while Google released many new statements about their Panda algorithm to The SEM Post. Traditionally, Google tends to be a certain extent quiet about their search algorithms, but their new comments were a departure from this. Google be quite transparent and shared by a lot of new Panda-related information that many SEOs weren’t aware of.

The Panda algorithm is specifically about content. It’s not about links, it’s not about mobile-friendliness, and it’s not about having an HTTPS site. Some site the Panda algorithm rewards great-quality content by demoting content that’s either quite spammy in nature or that’s simply not very good. They including some of the mistakes and misconceptions about the algorithm update that have confused even the expert SEOs.

This type of sites pushes out content that can rank for a keyword with minimal SEO effort due to lack of competition. While search engine traffic lands on their useless content, the hope the users will click through to the ads on the page – sometimes directly from Adsense.

But that’s pretty much the only goal. There is no focus on user value or maintenance what-so-ever. To the lazy, profit-driven webmaster, these site are easy to make, easy to populate, and easy to monetize. To users, they’re horrible – and annoying to stumble upon in the search result.

As such, Google complete a huge leap to eliminate them. After the final 12% surge, the madness didn’t stop, though – not even close.

Eight ways to keep your website Panda friendly

The greatest way is to look at your site as though you are seeing it for the first time and ask yourself (or a trustworthy friend) these questions:

  1. Do you trust the information on this website?
  2. Does the content on the site make sense or does it seem to be re-written?
  3. Would you be comfortable entering your credit card details into the site?
  4. Are there lots of spelling, grammar or factual errors?
  5. Is the content stuffed with lots of keywords for SEO purposes?
  6. Does the site contain interesting information which is relevant to your search topic?
  7. Is there an excessive amount of ads or popups which hurt the overall user experience and design of the site?
  8. Would you recommend the site to friends?

Among Google having now definite Panda as one of its core ranking algorithms, website owner can no longer ignore Panda, and must work towards building their site Panda friendly. This may mean having to write fresh new contented for your site if you are at all nervous about the possibility of being penalised. New, original, informative and up to-date content is a great start in getting better your website’s rankings without blowing your budget.

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