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The World’s Most Advanced Travel Adapter ChargEST

The World’s Most Advanced Travel Adapter ChargEST

March 29, 2018 04:24:59 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

In present world, keeping mobile devices charged is absolutely required. Living in such a technologically driven society means that people need to stay connected for work, socializing, and entertainment. This is especially important when traveling, as it can be easy to fall behind if one goes a week without being online. Still, it can be difficult and expensive to be able to charge devices when traveling to other countries.

Different parts of the world use different outlets, which can mean purchasing many different travel adapters. This result is both costly and inefficient; having many adapters can quickly fill up room in one’s bag or suitcase. For this reason, the Bulgarian tech company Forwrd has created a universal travel adapter that not only provides charging options for any outlet, but also is incredibly small and affordable. It is the perfect adapter for the traveller who desires to use devices overseas, whether for work or play.


Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Forwrd is a company that is motivated by the central role that technology plays in people’s lives. It is committed to the idea that simpler and more elegant devices can have a significant impact on a person’s everyday life. For this reason, it has produced ChargEST, a universal adapter that is both incredibly useful and convenient.

The Team

This adapter is the brainchild of Forwrd’s business development manager and co-founder. He firstly came up with the idea while traveling, observing how difficult it was to bring several adapters in order to charge all of his mobile devices.

Chris, Forwrd’s other co-founder and the technical adviser for the company, has stated that its design was based around the idea that a wide variety of travellers should all be able to easily use the device.

The rest of the team is composed of dedicated designers, engineers, marketing experts, and other industry leaders.


Although the development of ChargEST has occurred quite quickly, a great deal of effort and work has been dedicated to making this device as user-friendly as possible.

The thought for the adapter was born in December of 2015. Throughout January and February of 2016, the idea was refined according to market research, and the first prototype was created. By April, the engineering and product design stages had been completed.

From May to September, the device was tested both internally and externally to ensure the highest standards of quality. This led to the Indiegogo crowd funding campaign being launched in December. The first round of mass production is set to occur in February, 2017, with shipping taking place in April and May.

ChargEST universal travel adapter


ChargEST has easily surpassed its fundraising goal of $20,000. Although still having a month left behind in the campaign, the device has raised nearly $88,000 thus far. Over 1500 backers have supported the project. Clearly, a more convenient, affordable, and versatile adapter is a highly attractive notion to travelers.


The ChargEST universal travel adapter offers unparalleled charging options and outlet compatibility. Moreover, it is really compressed and easy to store. This small but powerful device is packed with features that make charging multiple devices simple, regardless of location. Further, it comes in a standard or double size. This adapter can be had in either Pearl White or Noir Black.


However this electric plug deals numerous benefits, what is most impressive is its wide range of charging options and outlet compatibility. This universal adapter will conform to outlet standards in the US, Europe, Australia, and in 150 other countries around the world.

In addition, it provides an unbelievable range of charging options. Up to 6 devices can be charged with this device. Of course, there is a socket outlet, but the ChargEST adapter also offers 3 USB ports, and 2 integrated pins for charging phones. These USB docks use a not the same power supply than the charging pins, which means multiple devices can be charged quickly.

Buyers will be very happy to know that both Android and Apple devices are compatible with this adapter. Mobiles can be charged in less than one hour with the fast-charging pins of the ChargEST adapter.


Although buyers will care most about the incredible range of charging options built into the device, what truly separates this adapter from all others is its user-friendly design. The ChargEST electric plug is a minor and lustrous device that is easy to store.

Not only is the device compact, it is also thoughtfully designed. The USB ports are tucked inside the device, and the pins are retractable. Further, the versatile plug options conveniently fold away into the device.


In addition to existence adaptable, fast, and convenient, the engineers at Forwrd have ensured that users can have peace of mind while charging with this device. The ChargEST adapter offers numerous safety features such as temperature protection, short circuit protection, and overcharge protection. In addition, it is fully child proof.


One of the most amazing features of this device is that all of this technology and convenience can be had for a very low price. Even its retail price of $59 is very reasonable considering the benefits of such a compact universal adapter.

But, there are many different perks available for early bird buyers on Indiegogo. Although these are quickly selling out, ChargEST adapters can currently be had for only $39.

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