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The Innovative Protective Bulletproof Backpack Save Your Life

The Innovative Protective Bulletproof Backpack Save Your Life

August 24, 2018 05:44:12 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

Bulletproof backpacks sales spiked within the days following the deadly American state highschool shooting as people  prospect for ways in which to stay their children safe.

If you’re considering shopping for a bulletproof backpack for yourself or your pet ones, there are a unit some belongings you to know them first.

The BulletSafe Bulletproof Backpack Panel

This bulletproof backpack panel transforms any backpack into a bulletproof backpack. you’ll additionally use it in an vastly  case, laptop bag, or shooter’s bag. This versatile bulletproof panel uses an equivalent  flight materials as. Place it within a backpack, briefcase, bug-out bag or maybe a handbag. It provides National Institute of Justice level IIIA protection, which suggests it’ll stop the majority pistol rounds as well as a .44 Magnum.


Our bulletproof backpack panel is versatile and light-weight.


The Bulletproof Backpack panel is sturdy and washable . not like alternative bulletproof panels, ours is enveloped in an exceedingly 600 denier polyester carrier. This carrier provides a troublesome outer shell so you do not have to be compelled to worry concerning your children damaging it whereas carrying alternative things in their backpack. whether or not they area unit carrying screwdrivers or snakes, our bulletproof backpack panel can last for five years.

Backpack Panel vs. Bulletproof Backpack

Here is why you ought to opt for a bulletproof backpack panel rather than bulletproof backpack.  Our panel is absolute to stop bullets for a minimum of five years. that’s longer than a kid’s backpack can last. it’s a blunder to shop for a bulletproof backpack, as a result of once the backpack is worn or torn you’ll not use it.  If you purchase a bulletproof panel like this one, you’ll move the panel from backpack to backpack for years. a child will use it in their Pikachu backpack, then their highschool backpack, then even use it in faculty in their laptop bag.


Our bulletproof backpack panel’s distinctive outer casing is additionally washable .  Anyone with children is aware of that their backpack isn’t clean, therefore our backpack panel will get dirty so be laundered. to wash it, simply take away the outer casing and place that within the washPeople wished the chance to shop for a bulletproof panel at an inexpensive worth and our panel offered extra options (washability, durability) that facilitate it survive in an exceedingly kid’s backpack.

The backpacks area unit created to be bulletproof against fireplace from handguns and shotguns due to constitutional panels product of a Kevlar cloth, that could be a sturdy thread that’s densely plain-woven to form a soft, light-weight armor, same Aaron Westrick, associate degree armor professional with the flight Armor analysis cluster. The backpacks will not defend against AR-15s, a well-liked alternative of weapon for many mass shooters, however, Westrick added .

“Soft armor will not stop AR-15 bullets, typically speaking, or bullets from assault weapons or rifles,” he said

Bulletproof things have to be compelled to be tested to fulfill armor standards, that area unit choppy into levels and set by the National Institute of Justice, he explained.

Guard Dog Security’s product was tested in associate degree National Institute of Justice licenced ballistics research laboratory to fulfill the NIJ’s level IIIA standards, swayer same, which suggests it will face up to ammunition discharged from short- and long-barreled handguns however doesn’t provide rifle ammunition protection, per the National Institute of Justice.

Sheikh same that the bag might probably reduce the impact of rifle fireplace even if it’s not been tested or approved to resist rifle fireplace.

“[Kevlar] might reduce the impact of the bullet from associate degree AR-style rifle,” swayer same. “It might be the distinction between deadly and unlethal wound.”

Justice Department interpreter Devin O’Malley told fundamental principle News in an exceedingly statement, “The National Institute of Justice — the analysis, development, and analysis agency of the Department of Justice — has ne’er tested nor certified flight things, like backpacks, blankets, or briefcases, aside from armor for enforcement. selling that claims National Institute of Justice testing or certification for such merchandise is fake.”

An AR-15-style rifle was utilized in the park shooting. it had been additionally the weapon that a shooter wont to kill twenty six individuals at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in November, and it had been among the stockpile of firearms wont to kill fifty eight concertgoers in Las Vegas.

Westrick additionally expressed concern concerning student access to the backpack. “The possibilities of a flight backpack coming back into play throughout associate degree attack or saving a baby from injury area unit slim,” he said.

For a backpack to resist the hearth of associate degree assault weapon, it’d got to be designed with steel or metallic element, Westrick added .


“Armor will and will save lives,” same Westrick. “If it’s real to you and you’re feeling higher causing your child out with this sort of armored product, that’s your alternative.”

The best thanks to keep students safe is to possess faculty police work, secured doors associate degreed a fast police response throughout an emergency, same Westrick.

A bullet proof backpack or insert additionally has the potential for a bulge out or get home back. Some armor is best than nothing after you area unit in any position that will place you within the line of fireside.

Those that add public areas may need to think about a bullet proof bag to stay in their workplace or cubicle. agency employees that will be targeted throughout political or economic strife ought to think about some protection that’s simple and legal for them to possess obtainable.

Some of the baggage have removable inserts so if you ever wear out the outside backpack you’ll simply pull out the insert and place it in another pack therefore you retain being protected.

The insert can keep for an extended time if you don’t crack it or use it to require a bullet. Check the expectancy of your armor before purchase therefore you recognize once it’s obtaining previous and in would like of replacement to confirm most protection in the least times.

Bullet Proof Protection Ratings

Any armor is rated to allow you to shrewdness giant a caliber or how briskly a rate of bullet it’s been designed to prevent once it’s discharged directly at the armor or panel. the upper the extent of protection, the additional you’re getting to pay.

With some calibers being additional common than others, lots of individuals get a lower level. keep in mind that if you’ll drag one thing else, your armor/panel won’t have to be compelled to take an equivalent rate or impact that it’d otherwise. A lower level panel might still assist you stop a bullet that commonly would solely be stopped by a panel that was rated at the next level.

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