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The Impact Magnetic Pads Protect Your Car From Dents And Scratches

The Impact Magnetic Pads Protect Your Car From Dents And Scratches

October 08, 2018 04:03:52 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

The magnetic pads protects your car from door dings in parking lots

Ding bonkers – Removable Magnetic door Protectors, door Guards, door Protection, Door dong Dent Protectors (No Security)

These pads protect your car from dents and scratches.

The magnetic panels from Dent Goalie are manufactured from impact-resistant foam that keeps your car safe from injury in parking lots. simply attach them to the side of your car when parking, and therefore the anti-theft cable can keep them from being stolen.

We have developed these stretchy, impact-resistant panels that offer wonderful protection from door dings and dents once parking in exposed areas. Our patent-pending, door guards provide a single resolution to those unwanted dents and scratches. Magnetic-back choices or Suction Cup model available. choose your  car door guards these days and keep your vehicle trying new.

Dents and scrapes from different vehicles prices millions annually in repairs. And it’s conjointly grievous whereas you see dent in your automotive on parking lot. however these door dent defender provides excellent resolution to guard your automotive from these damages. These square measure the door dent protection pads by Dent Goalie. you have got to place them on after you park in tight house. They stop your automotive from being sideswiped or hit by different people’s doors. These magnetic stripes are available regular and serious duty thickness.

Those unwanted door-dings can lower your vehicle’s price. Did you recognize that public parking heaps will cause one new dent each 3-4 months?. And even additional dents occur once parking at busy market, malls, public-events, or edifice heaps and even airports. With numerous sizes and angles of parking areas, combined with the wide verity of different vehicles door shapes. This creates an awesome range of exposed areas on your vehicles for unwanted dents and scratches.

Most car-modeling strips and removable pads square measure either simply too slender or shortly enough to provide the $64000 protection you wish. however you’ll be able to be safe parking with Dent Goalie door-dent protection panels. This magnetic stripes provides the optimum height and length to protect against those door impacts you face. These protecting panels square measure weather-resistance, high-density, compressed foam, with rubber-coated magnetic stripes that lightly hold to metal surfaces.

They are comes with associate anti-theft security cables. And conjointly out there in 2 completely  different sizes. These panels work nice with 2-doors, 4-doors, SUVs, and trucks. It folds in [*fr1] for straightforward handling and storage. Avoid the hassles of dents and scratches for keep your vehicle trying latest. you’ll be able to conjointly scan this text to understand concerning door Edge defender Strips. This device defend different cars from your door.

Car door guards square measure versatile, impact-resistant for defense once pose, shielding the foremost exposed areas of your vehicle. These door dong protection pads provide a singular resolution to unwanted dents and scratches. less price than one dent repair.

It folds in half for simple storage and comes in two different sizes to provide your car most protection.

Dents and scratches are now a thing of the past.

Dent Goalie has spent a huge amount of your time researching and testing many product and materials.  As a result, our team has developed these versatile, impact-resistant panels that offer wonderful protection from door dings and door dents once parking in exposed areas. Our patent-pending door dong deflection pads provide a singular resolution to all or any of these unwanted dents and scratches.

Panels: All season, weatherproof, high density, closed-cell EVA-foam to protect against impacts

Tested on multiple vehicle shapes and styles (Universal: 2-dr, 4-dr, SUVs & trucks)

Impact-resistant, whereas contouring to vehicle shape

Panel backside: double magnetic strips, rubber-coated for non-abrasive & firm grip (Not meant for aluminum or fiberglass body parts.

Adjustable positioning onto vehicle as necessary, per exposure inside a parking lot (angle & size)

Anti-theft security cord; locks within vehicle

Quick to attach & easy to remove

Center Hinge System: Large panel folds in half for easy storage

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