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How The Google Pigeon Update Changed Local Search Results


How The Google Pigeon Update Changed Local Search Results

October 11, 2018 01:52:16 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

What Is The Google Pigeon Update?

Launched on July twenty 24, 2014 for U.S. English results, the “Pigeon Update” may be a new algorithm to provide a lot of helpful, relevant and correct native search results that are tied a lot of closely to traditional web search ranking signals. Google declared that this new rule improves their distance and location ranking parameters.

Last night, Google pushed out a serious native search algorithm update. The update has been pushed intent on U.S. English based mostly search results and seems to have had enough of a significant update that many SEOs, webmasters and local business owners have taken noticed . The update impacts each the organic native listings at intervals Google Map Search and Google Web Search.

Not long when Yelp defendant Google of manipulating its search results to favor it’s own content over that of the latter, the search engine giant updated the local search algorithm to fix the problem. Since the fire spread in the forest, there are speculations regarding why will the update matter and the way the update goes to have an effect on the local businesses.

How the Google Pigeon Update Changed The Local Search Results

One of Google’s biggest-impact rule updates was enforced for the sake of native search results, and native businesses generally saw the results of the update in their website’s analytics data.

Google users actually saw the impact, too, which generally meant a special, and eventually higher, search expertise in terms of local businesses and therefore the information relating those businesses.

Believed to possess launched on or around July twenty 24, 2014  and deemed the “Pigeon” update presently when by programme Land  this Google search algorithm update aimed to offer better local search results by appreciated native businesses that have a powerful organic presence with higher visibility in ancient search, almost like the visibility a business might have seen previously in Google Maps.

The idea that small businesses with locally relevant brick-and-mortar locations (think “mom and pop stores”) should show up in search even as very much like different businesses within the area, regardless of size or brand popularity, makes total sense presumptuous the business ranking well within the results provides what the search question suggests.

What Exactly Changed with the Pigeon Update

To ultimately improve its native search capabilities, Google increased many ranking signals for each Google Search and Google Maps. This conjointly meant Google’s location and distance ranking parameters were conjointly improved to raised provide local, relevant results to users supported proximity.

And it did, for the foremost half, particularly for the long term.

Local search has improved drastically since July 2014, once the initial Pigeon launch took place, however it’s conjointly wide believed that a series of Pigeon updates are used since then, too. which would justify a number of the hiccups within the starting of the rule update launch that were eventually corrected.

One standard example from simply when the initial Pigeon launch was once the building-booking web site Expedia showed up within the hotel carousel as if it were a regular New York City hotel welcoming guests. there have been also glitches with spammy properties mistreatment exact-match keywords to trick the native rule into ranking their pages higher within the results, together with within the Google “local pack” (more thereon later).

There were variety of different noticeable glitches as a results of Pigeon’s 1st launch, but they, too, were presently corrected. the primary Pigeon update to the initial launch gave the impression to come about around Lammas, 2014 and remedied a number of the problems.

How will it Affect Local Businesses?

As  a results of the changes within the native search result rankings, some native businesses might notice a amendment in information processing system referrals, leads and overall business.

Small businesses would possibly witness a amendment in their rankings. whether or not this modification is positive or negative can not be same currently. whereas some businesses can profit considerably with the inflated stress on native search, others may well be pushed out of heavier traffic searches due to prioritizing of directories. Large directories can benefit more than small individual locations.

What Google Had to sad about Pigeon

Google is mum on most updates. Pigeon was no totally different.

After creating some general comments on the initial Pigeon launch and what specifically (sort of) was updated, it had nothing to mention regarding any of the updates that almost all probably followed.

After it same that the Pigeon update was stock-still deeper into Google’s overall net search capabilities, together with the numerous ranking signals it uses in net search and different vital options that have improved the general search expertise (Knowledge Graph, spelling corrections, synonyms, variations, etc.), it didn’t say much else.

Google told Barry Schwartz that it’d not make sure or deny any of the Pigeon updates when the initial launch which it “probably won’t detail all the changes to native search algorithms as we have a tendency to go.”

So, it’s virtually warranted that there was associate update, and it’s conjointly pretty probably that there are over one update to the Pigeon rule over the previous few years.

Pigeon Changes on the Google SERPs

Before Pigeon, the search results on Maps were perceptibly totally different than those of ancient search. The user expertise was significantly totally different, too.

Now search results and therefore the aesthetics of the SERP (search engine results page) for each Google Search and Google Maps search have a a lot of uniform look and practicality


The local search algorithm update, popularly dubbed because the Pigeon update by Search Engine Land, is a lot of probably to profit little businesses, with a lot of stress set on the local search results. Like all different Google updates, it would take a couple of a lot of days before we have a tendency to fully perceive the impact the Pigeon update can wear businesses.

Changes within the Google algorithms,  like the Pigeon update, tells however important may be a skilled SEO agency for your business. they’re going to guarantee your organization will roll with these punches. If you’re not mistreatment associate SEO service for your business, we’d recommend you to envision your local placement on Google and establish if there has been  any changes within the past one week.

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