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The Dam Easy Flood Barrier Can Protect Your Home From Floods

The Dam Easy Flood Barrier Can Protect Your Home From Floods

August 24, 2018 05:50:02 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

Dam Easy Flood Barrier will shield Your House From Fload

The Worlds initial ready-made Flood weaponry while not Fixings and & With a gas Seal

DamEasy is the sole domestic flood Barrier with a novel proprietary gas action mechanism seal. One barrier covers four variants of our competitors barriers with the flexibility to increase from 780mm to 1100mm

Flooding will have devastating impacts on homes, families and business properties alike. however there square measure varied protection measures and devices that property homeowners will use to stop or minimize injury.The Dameasy Flood Barrier is that the solely domestic flood barrier with a novel proprietary gas action mechanism seal and needs no Tools or Fixings.

The Dam Easy flood barrier can quickly and expeditiously shield your property from flood water. you’ll be able to use it on each residential and business buildings. it’s a demountable flood barrier and you are doing not want any tools, fixtures or fittings. it’s straightforward and fast to put in. on the average it will be fitted in barely three minutes!

After the flood, you face the conscientious task of devastation walls, replacement soaked insulation, splitting out flooring, and replacement your entire electrical system. If your home or business is flooded it will be expensive, not simply in terms of cash and time however additionally inconvenience and sorrow.

While it’s not possible to fully flood-proof a property, there square measure millions of stuff you will do to cut back the injury flooding will cause.The secret is to act currently therefore you’re ready if there’s a arrive your space. it’s the sole domestic flood barrier with a novel proprietary gas action mechanism seal.

One barrier covers four variants of our competitors barriers with the flexibility to increase from 780mm to 1100mm.Dam Easy’s packaging, shipper and mercantilism resolution permits most retailers to simply stock the merchandise. Shipper units square measure on the market in two sizes, holding either five or ten.

Dam Easy is simple and may be put in by anyone with no fixings, either temporary or permanent. Dam Easy has been certified by EVH (European flood protection agency), TUV SUD & has cerium certification. Dam Easy is valued at a middle value purpose for a premium product and is extremely competitive on price and quality.

Dam Easy Flood Barrier however it works

Position the Dam simple Barrier into the reveal of the entry.

Extend the aspect panels to suit the gap.

The Dam Easy encompasses a central panel and 2 aspect wings. Use the ratchet handle to maneuver the edges in and out, enabling  you to regulate the breadth to the precise size you would like.

Inflate the seals to confirm a watertight match.

Inflate the rubber seal round the barrier, by manually in operation the pump. The pump is constructed into the Dam simple in conjunction with associate air-pressure gauge.

When the Dam simple is put in firmly, match the safety cowl to the Dam simple. you’ll be able to see the air-pressure gauge however the pump and ratchet handles square measure protected to stop unauthorised access to the controls.

Dam Easy Dimensions

The Dam Easy will shield gaps up to three,300mm or 130” by victimisation multiple Dam simple barriers associated an extension pole.

Dam Easy Flood Barrier: protects a gap of 780mm to one,100mm (30” to 43”)

Dam Easy barrier with associate extension pole: protects a gap of 1680mm to two,300mm (67” to 90”)

Dam Easy Barrier with 2 extension poles: will shield a gap of two.580mm – 3,300mm (101” to 130”)

Protecting a wider gap

It is simple to guard a wider gap by victimisation multiple Dam simple barriers associated connecting them with an extension pole:

Fit the extension pole by slotting and twisting it into the bottom socket.

Place The Dam Easy into the gap between the wall and therefore the pole.

Repeat on the opposite aspect.

Use the ratchet handle on every Dam simple to increase the edges to suit every gap.

Lastly inflate the rubber seal on every Dam simple to form associate airtight seal to the correct and left of the extension pole.

Measure the gap you would like to guard. you’ll be able to then see whether or not you’ll want one Dam simple barrier or 2 or additional barriers and extension poles.

The Dam Easy Flood Barrier could be a distinctive domestic and business flood barrier. The barrier is adjustable and cowl reveal widths from 780mm to 1100mm with one barrier. The Dam Easy Flood Barrier will touch wider openings with the Dam Easy Extension Pole for multiple barriers: 1100mm, 2200mm, 3300mm The Barrier is oversubscribed in an exceedingly distinctive storage system that protects the barrier once not in use and is carbon friendly The Dam EasyFlood Barrier has been developed through a collaboration of experience in style and engineering across Europe.

All our Barriers square measure tank tested before packing. Our Barriers square measure certified by EFPA (European Flood Protection Association) & has cerium certification. Dam simple is valued at a middle price purpose for a premium product and is extremely competitive on quality.

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