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The Bulldog Mountain fire 4×4 is fire truck with mounted water cannons

The Bulldog Mountain fire 4×4 is fire truck with mounted water cannons

September 24, 2018 01:02:19 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

The Bulldog 4×4 fire engine goes all out with AN eighty gallon tank nice for the long hauls and 54” military Hemmit tires that kid sharp rocks and detritus. With a ground clearance of 25 inches, the Bulldog is quite up for travel over piles of fallen brush that alternative trucks would got to go around. And with a winch capable of pull up to thirty thousand lbs, it simply could be the Bulldog fire engine coming back to the rescue.

The Bulldog 4×4 Extreme Fire fighting Brush Truck will carry a pair of, thousand gallons of water or foam means the euphemism off the overwhelmed path, and so blast it onto a blaze while not anybody obtaining out of the cab. And visually, it’s just about the rolling incarnation of your childhood transport dreams.

From high to bottom, the Bulldog fire engine was designed to be the foremost onerous operating, effective fire engine for places wherever fireplace trucks merely can’t go. In most wildfires, you’ve got ground crews quickly being carted around to fight fires and created a fringe. There’s air crews merchandising chemicals and water on the most well liked components of the blaze in a shot to regulate it. currently imagine if you had a fleet of those Bulldogs athletics round the perimeter, ensuring that fireplace stayed right wherever it had been supposed to? That’s firefighting!

This machine could be a Howe & Howe Engineering product. You know, the fellows that build luxury tanks you’ll go hog wild with for $300,000.

The Bulldog isn’t very meant for recreational functions even supposing it kind of feels like a toy. It’s created for operating in rough and rural areas wherever such a machine could be required in disaster relief, significant rescue, or wildland firefighting.

A 2,000 gallon water capability isn’t enough to arrest a true forest fire; the massive cannon The Bulldog may be created to pump from a hydrant or another water, or on the highest of a daily firetruck might spit all that go into a number of short minutes. however although the Bulldog’s hosing capacities square measure restricted to brush fires, the vehicle’s 25” ground clearance, 4WD, 15,000 pound winch and 80-gallon fuel capability provides it a lot of flexibility in rescue things than several alternative vehicles would have. simply run duty as a significant utility vehicle. It’s simply a stunning issue to be hold despite what it’s carrying.

Finally a production 4X4 Pumper done right for the proper value. designed by the cross-country specialists for extreme things and absolute reliability; Bulldog is a pair of,000 gallons of go anyplace and therefore the solely truck absolute to get your water or foam to wherever its required. supported the indestructible International 7400 4X4 platform and equipped with 54″ military Hemmit tires, Bulldog is one in all the foremost capable cross-country fireplace trucks on the market these days. Growing in quality and evolving to satisfy tomorrows wants, Bulldog sets the trade standards for all parcel of land, off-road, multi-use fireplace trucks.

The Bulldog encompasses a 25-inch ground clearance and rides on 54-inch Hemmit military tires. owing to its spec-out, Howe and Howe sit down with the truck as a “multi-role” fire engine which may be utilized by fireplacefighters as a pumper truck or wild fire response unit.

It’s most distinctive options square measure its front-end water cannons which may fireplace 300-1,000 gallons per minute at 100-150 psi. The truck are often equipped with up to a a pair of,000-gallon water/foam tank, therefore whereas it’d not be ready to single-handed place out a hearth, it’s An unbelievably helpful weapon against forest fires or alternative blazes/trouble spots that square measure onerous to achieve on foot or with a standard truck.

The truck may are available in handy in extracting alternative vehicles in hard-to-reach areas due to its winch rated at up to thirtyt housand pounds.

You don’t wish to miss the bulldog in action within the video below. And keep tuned throughout we have a tendency as we bring you a lot of awful trucks from the SEMA show floor.

The Bulldog isn’t your grandfather’s firetruck.It is the world’s most capable, most sturdy 4X4 firetruck on the earth.  Designed and designed by world famed ground quality specialists Howe and Howe school, Bulldogs became the foremost wanted firetruck on today’s market.   From, bumper sprayers to observe nozzles to designed approach and departure angels to skid plates and fast unharness mud flaps to drop bumpers and full tube chassis protection – The Bulldog is that the most well thought out firefighting platform cash should purchase.  The Bulldog is that the pinnacle of all firefighting platforms.

Bulldog 4×4 Firetruck

Bulldog Extreme 4×4 Firetrucks represent the industries most capable life-size firetrucks ever developed.   Designed and designed as 1st responders, brush trucks, crash trucks and pumpers, the Bulldogs square measure one in all the foremost versatile fireplace apparatuses on the market these days.

These extreme 4×4 platforms square measure “rugged done right” by world famed platform specialist Howe and Howe Technologies Iraqi National Congress.   “Bulldog – a pair of,000 Gallons of Go Anywhere”   From, bumper sprayers to observe nozzles to designed approach and departure angels to skid plates and fast unharness mud flaps to drop bumpers and full tube chassis protection – The Bulldog is that the most well thought out firefighting platform cash should purchase.  The Bulldog is that the pinnacle of all firefighting platforms.

MT4   High capability 4×4 Medical Transport

With 54″ military grade tires, 20″ of ground clearance, and a state of the art half dozen litter mass casualty medical station, the MT4 stands mutually of the biggest and most capable ambulances ever designed.  Developed by world famed platform specialists Howe and Howe school and commissioned by the USA Air Force for mass casualty airport-runway response, the MT4 is saving lives and conveyance medical services to places ne’er before planned.

It’s one thing straight out of a special mission in grand larceny automobile – a hearth truck on a world MaxxForce chassis, fighting forest fires with a staggering array of water turrets. If it appears like one thing out a sci-fi moving-picture show, you’d be right! This Bulldog 4×4 fire engine was designed to crawl through deep, mountainous forest and totally destroy a conflagration. however don’t take our word for it – the Bulldog fire engine will represent itself!

If you’ve ne’er detected of a Bulldog fire engine or the International chassis it’s designed from, look no additional than the military who’s used this same chassis to form armored transports resistant to parcel of land and hazards. It’s no light-weight issue – a Bulldog fire engine will weigh the maximum amount as twenty sixthousand pounds and carry upwards of twothousand gallons of water. this is often an extended vary conflagration truck supposed to fight the blaze and keep its crew safe. this is often exactly what the doctor ordered.


  • International 7400 4X4
  • Weight: 26,000lbs
  • Dimensions: 101″W x 120″H x 300″L
  • Clearance: 10.5ft
  • Water/Foam tank capacity: a pair of,000 or 1,500 gallons
  • Fuel tank capacity: eighty Gallons
  • Full emergency HAZMAT light-weight system
  • Includes high brightness work lights
  • Emergency siren system with multiple warning tones
  • Tires: 54″ Military Hemmit tires
  • Ground Clearance: 25″
  • 4 wheel drive
  • Winch: 15,000-30,000lbs
  • Front and Rear Diff Lockers
  • 300-1000 GPM Pump capability at 100-150psi
  • Single or Extended Cab Options

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