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Amazon Success Story

In 1994 A person called JEFF BEZOS started a company with the name CADABRA which is now called as AMAZON. Amazon.com was the first Online business started in 1995. At first it started with Bookstore Online now has turned out to the largest online retailer store on the earth. The company Amazon became as big as the river Amazon which it took inspiration. Today Amazon has accepted globally as the best place to buy goods online. It was the focus on the customer and correct guess of the outlook shopping trends that helped Amazon to take a different boundary and get ahead of its competitors. The first business plan of the founder of Amazon – JEFF BEZOS was completely different for others. As the start of 21st century, where many of e-commerce companies couldn't live on, At that time Amazon was leading in the market from being a startup company just in few years back. It was accepted JEFF BEZOS was remarkable plan worked after all. Amazon soon started selling each and every product in the market of different categories which are used by everyone of us. By nov 2007 Amazon’s biggest innovation was kindle e-book was launched. Amazon made easy accessibility and the usability of online edition raising day by day, the customers shifted from hardcover to e-books happily. But the difference in Amazon’s growth to have profits of 97,000 employees and 61 billion dollars in the 2012 is because of the customers experience they deliver. Jeff Bezos’ master stroke was in cutting down on marketing expenses and invest it in trust the customer happy. The lowest prices and Free shipping on the planet entire it a difficult option to ignore. Everyone are paying attention to buy products at Amazon. But the secret is how they maintain their relationship with the customer. Amazon stands on the word of open mouth and positive reviews that customer give. The reviews helps millions of people to make the right decision to purchase and at the end of the day be satisfied with their purchase. Amazon is the head in innovation and is the first in making things attractive and simpler for their customers. Amazon provides an option of creating a wish list and also suggest some similar products so that we can compare. Today Amazon offers cloud based computing services and storage and also stream of songs and movies for a flat annual subscription. Amazon truly has been a company that has understood the requirements of the customer and showed how to do business in the best.

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