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Raizer Lifting Chair For Fallen People Safe Handling

Raizer Lifting Chair For Fallen People Safe Handling

September 08, 2018 02:07:39 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

The Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair is that the world’s 1st really single-handed answer to lifting somebody UN agency has fallen. Faster, stronger, and a lot of stable than ancient expansive lifting cushions, the Raizer is a perfect answer for transferring somebody UN agency has fallen to a sitting or standing position.

Raizer may be a easy battery operated mobile lifting chair that helps a fallen person up to AN virtually standing position at intervals a number of minutes. Raizer will with ease be assembled and operated by only 1 assistant and doesn’t need any physical effort besides a validatory hand.This moveable, light-weight device is well assembled and operated by only 1 assistant. mistreatment the Raizer is far safer, faster, and easier than ancient ways of lifting fallen individuals.

A person UN agency has fallen and may not rise once more is raised well up to a sitting or virtually standing position in a very method that supports the complete body throughout the method. this method of lifting shows thought for the importance of being helped up in a very dignified and safe way.

Requiring least physical effort, this emergency elevate permits the caregiver to focus their efforts on tending to the individual and supporting their head while the Raizer lifts them. it’s light-weight and simple to hold, and is unbroken disassembled till required for lifting. merely take the light-weight Raizer to the location of the fallen person, and assemble the chair around them mistreatment the colour-coded stickers for steerage. it’s battery operated and may be equipped a far off management as supplementary instrumentation.

Ensuring that the fallen person is calm and feels secure is improbably necessary, and therefore the simplicity of the Raizer permits the carer to target the individual to confirm that they’re snug once mistreatment this emergency elevate. in the slightest degree times throughout the transfer, the individual has contact with the ground furthermore as physical contact and eye contact with the caregiver. There’s no strain caused to the rear or neck or the carer, and it will transfer people deliberation up to 150kg. The transfer movement is sleek and protecting and as an additional comfort, the Raizer is provided with a seatbelt.

There is a variety of accessories on the market with the Raizer. The nonmandatory tram makes it easier to wheel the device from place to put, and there’s additionally a alternative of a triple wheel system that creates lightweight work of stairs. a motorbike attachment may be fitted to the tram in order that the Raizer will merely be towed around on the rear of a bicycle, and packs of disposable hygiene covers area unit on the market to wrap round the device to keep up cleanliness. one in every of the foremost well-liked add-on options is that the infrared hand management, creating the Raizer a particularly easy, convenient lifting chair.

How will it work?

The Raizer is created from seven giant parts: four legs, 2 support items, and therefore the seat, that holds the mechanism.

When responding to elevate aged or disabled individuals when a fall, merely slide the seat beneath the fallen person’s knees, click the support items and legs in situ, and use the device to carefully raise the chair. The person are going to be raised with the chair, till each themselves and therefore the Raizer area unit in AN upright seated  position.

Both the movement and seated  position area unit dignified excellent for shared areas, like care homes, or public places.

Ergonomic Advantages:

Raizer, the state of the art lifting chair, is employed by personnel in home care furthermore as for motorcar services and every one personnel operating with lifting and moving of people with reduced quality normally. The helper will while not help handle the Raizer and therefore the person on the ground with least physical effort, so lifting and moving do not place the assistant’s back, arms, etc. at risk.

Easy to move:

Raizer is to be disassembled when use and so simply transported and used anyplace and in any state of affairs. This innovative aid for lifting and moving permits the assistant to assist a fallen person to sit down or interchange a number of minutes (including the assembly) from arrival on web site.

Simple handling:

Raizer is carried disassembled to the place wherever it’s to be used and is battery operated via a far off management.

Exclusive style:

Liftup has cooperated with a partner in style and innovation throughout the event method to attain the exclusive expression of the Raizer. All the materials area unit fastidiously hand-picked with target stability and sturdiness and in thought of each the helper and therefore the fallen person.

Raizer Highlights:

Easy to move in a pair of lightweight baggage deliberation fourteen lbs every

High battery capacity: approx. one hundred transfers before charging

Quick assembly: three minutes soap

Weight capacity: 330 lbs

Seat: breadth eighteen.5 in / Depth eight.66 in.

Comfortable and safe for the person on the ground


Key Feauters:

Quick, safe and stable operation minimises distress and discomfort for the one that has fallen.

The users’ feet maintain contact with the ground throughout the lifting method, that helps them feels a lot of stable.

Once assembled, the mechanism lifts in AN upright chair position for a awfully natural and dignified transfer.

Ease of assembly and speed of operation permits a quick emergency response – typical operation as well as assembly is concerning three minutes.

A validatory back and seated  position allows single operation, saving each time and cash.

No physical effort is needed to control the Raizer, thus there’s considerably less risk of contractor injury to carers.

The exceptionally long battery life provides falls response groups and motorcar services with a reliable answer which will last many shifts.

The Raizer may be charged within any vehicle, and is light-weight and simple to move.

Technical Specifications:

Lifting capacity: soap.150kg

Lifting time: 20-30 secs

Weight: Seat nine metric weight unit. + legs and back rest 4kg.– total13kg

Charger (2 pcs.): Soniel12V. 100-240V and twelve Vcar adapter

Number of lifts on a fullcharge: forty with a Max.load

Approx. one hundred with anaverage load

Charging time : Max. 6

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