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Qiub The Best Portable Power Bank, Memory All In 1 Pocket Size

Qiub The Best Portable Power Bank, Memory All In 1 Pocket Size

July 20, 2018 04:16:35 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

QIUB with success launched crowd sourcing campaign in August 2016. QIUB campaign was absolutely funded in September and QIUB is currently on the market for purchase via Indiegogo in demand computing device.

QIUB has been created as a simplified, all-in-one choice for smartphone users. three devices dead one  a powerbank, adjust cable and a memory card reader. a wise product that’s sturdy, compact and light-weight.

QIUB is accessible in a pair of distinguished colours – blue for golem and inexperienced for Apple It is an influence bank for iOS and golem phones, and this distinctive new school product additionally acts as a totally useful memory card reader and a cable. and create use of the hard-wearing cable, that showing neatness folds into the device once not in use.

Qiub is making an attempt to be Swiss people army knife of power banks, adding on a microSD card reader and a inbuilt cable that may allow you to charge and adjust your phone to your pc like it’s 2010 everywhere once more. presently on Indiegogo, Qiub does not need any further cables, that is good, however it additionally will not absolutely recharge any phone on the market because of a little one,500mAh battery (the company says it will bring Associate in Nursing iPhone half-dozen from zero to fifty percent).

While not having to hold any further cords around is convenient, the small battery within the Qiub might not be enough for many folks, particularly if you have got a much bigger device sort of a Note seven or iPhone 6S and. It will support up to 64GB microSD cards which may be scan by computers and sure smartphones. however the opposite draw back is because of the inbuilt cables and lack of USB-C support  the Qiub can ship 2 versions, Associate in Nursing iPhone version Associate in Nursingd an golem version that includes a small USB twine users with newer golem phones will not be able to profit of the device.

with QIUB powerbank, you may currently be able to adjust and charge your smartphone from anyplace you would like.

A significant battery capability works|that matches} into a tool compact enough to induce fit into your pocket or onto your keychain, supplying you with most movableness while not consideration you down the hideaway cables will simply fold into the device.

A substantial battery is fitted into a tool that’s compact enough to suit into your pocket or onto your keychain, providing you with most movableness while not ever consideration you down. the hideaway cables fold showing neatness into the device.


It will scan any Micro-SD card up to 64GB, and QIUB is additionally compatible with any pc. With the “Swiss Army Knife of power banks”, integrated with card readers and chargers, you’ll ne’er be two-faced with dead batteries, or finding out an area to store your vital files ever once more.

Smartphone and QIUB will be charged consecutively.

When your smartphone is absolutely charged, QIUB can mechanically stop your phone charging and charge QIUB’S internal battery.


Qiub for Apple can rouse to five hundredth of Iphone half-dozen

(this can vary and depends on the phone and therefore the battery capacity).

Qiub Powerbank for Apple Product Details

Color – gray, Yellow

Materials – Plastic

Measurement – a pair of.63″L x 2.1″W x 0.61″H

Integrated top quality Data/Charge Cable

Battery capability Of 1500mAh, goop Output Of 5V one.2a

Lightning instrumentation

Weight 60g (Approximately)

Memory Card Reader Up To sixty four GB


QIUB Apple Technical specification

Battery capability of one500mAH goop output of 5V 1.2A

Integrated top quality data/charge cable

Memory card reader up to sixty four GB

Dimensions 67mm x fifty three.5mm x 15.5mm

Weight 60g (approximately)

Lightning instrumentation


QIUB FOR golem

Qiub for golem can rouse to five hundredth of the phone

(this can vary and depends on the phone and battery capacity)

QIUB golem technical specifications :

Battery capability of one500mAH goop output of 5V 1.2A

Integrated top quality data/charge cable

Memory card reader up to sixty four GB

Dimensions 67mm x fifty three.5mm x 15.5mm

Weight 60g (approximately)

Small USB connector

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