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Pup Scan The World’s Fastest Pocketscanner Easy Document Scanning

Pup Scan The World’s  Fastest Pocketscanner Easy Document Scanning

Pup Scan The World’s Fastest Pocketscanner Easy Document Scanning

July 23, 2018 05:11:11 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

Using a scanner is sometimes not the foremost easy expertise you will ever have. Since you’ll need to seek out your scanner, that is perhaps below regarding five boxes. You then ought to connect it to your pc, that the drivers area unit in all probability either not put in or out of date. Then you’ve got to place every individual document you would like to scan into the device and wait regarding two minutes every. The Pup may be a super easy scanner that works a bit like a camera, and takes simply seconds to scan every item you would like digitized.

How it works is, you decide on the settings beforehand on however you need to scan it, and what you need to try to to with it once it’s scanned, then you hold the Pup good Scanner higher than what you need to scan, and lasers can square up and show you precisely what you are getting ready to scan. Then simply press the button to initiate the scan, and a flash can illuminate the document, and it’ll scan it among seconds.

The Pup good scanner is presently Associate in Nursing exceedingly funding part on IndieGoGo with an calculable delivery date of Dec 2017.

The Pup Scanner is essentially a wireless scanner machine that matches right in your pocket. The scanner works with the assistance of associate application that may run on your Smartphone, which might be accustomed management all the options and functionalities of the Pup Pocket Scanner.

When I say pocket-friendly i actually do mean it because the Pup scanner weighs just around one98grams and its dimensions area unit 1.3×1.3×5.3inches solely. As seen from the merchandise image featured higher than, the device options a straightforward nevertheless trendy and sleek search for a pocket scanner. Its compact physical look in conjunction with the colour choices out there build the Pup Pocket Scanner a cute very little device to hold around.

Considering its style and dimensions, the Pup Scanner will supply quite an heap of practicality for its size. 1st and foremost, the Pup Pocket Scanner makes scanning document or maybe photos super simple.

All you wish to try to to so as to scan any document, image or an analogous file is to position the file within the optical device box projected by the Pup Scanner and so press a button placed at the highest of the Pup Pocket Scanner, and that’s it. The Pup Scanner additionally options a stripped-down touchscreen whose most effective use is to change between completely different scanning eventualities out there on the device.

The Pup Scanner is accustomed scan any document file that features a paper size within the vary between A2 to A6. It additionally features a good integral LED that has convenient lighting supported the lighting within the close thus on scan the document utterly within the 1st go itself. Moreover, the antireflection feature of the scanner makes positive that there aren’t any shadow result on the scanned document.

Apart from of these, the Pup Pocket Scanner additionally has Bluetooth and wireless local area network integral that is primarily accustomed connect wirelessly with the Smartphone companion app of the Pup Scanner, which might be accustomed edit the scanned document or maybe to share it. The Pup Pocket Scanner supports the Word and surpass file format so you’ll convert any of your scanned document files to a Word or surpass file while not a lot of problem.

The Pup Pocket Scanner options a chargeable battery that the developers claim can give a thousand pages price of battery backup once totally charged. For additional details, visit Pup Scanner

The ability to scan a document has created the fax machine nearly obsolete. In fact, several businesses don’t even have a fax range from now on. It now could be a standard follow to easily scan and email documents versus faxing them. the general public have a desktop scanner in their home or workplace, or their scanner of an all-in-one printer. we’ve additionally seen numberless apps that hit the marketplace permitting you to require an image of a document and convert it to a PDF and so you’ll send it via email. What if you may use a hand-held scanner to repeat and send nearly any document that you simply return across? that’s precisely what Pup is, a scanner that helps you to share, store, print any document at the push of a button.

Pup may be a terribly merely to use device that may permit to you scan documents where you’re. you initially decide what you would like to try to to with the document you’re scanning. Then you press the button and alter Pup’s optical device to suit the document and so you’re done, its that straightforward. The scanner isn’t only for documents, and may be accustomed capture photos from a book or full pages. whereas several books do have a small curve within the page, the device can mechanically alter curve problems. perhaps your kid simply build the foremost fantastic drawing and you would like to share it with family and friends,  not a retardant as you’ll scan and share that moreover. With Pup, there area unit numberless uses for the scanner.

There area unit numberless feature the device must build your scans as clear as potential. Auto-crop, anti-reflection, auto-compress, sharpness management, auto-rotate, simply to call some. Pup is incredibly lightweight  and is simply seven ounces. The battery life is close to twelve hours or about to a thousand pages to scan. it’s fully wireless and additionally features a high level of security to stay your scans safe and secure. OCR to Word and OCR to surpass area unit alternative nice options and therefore the ability to regulate from tiny to larger documents to scan.

The Pup sounds like one amongst those devices that when you employ it, you’ll continuously wish to own it with you. Its convenient, light-weight, useful, and permits you to the pliability to send documents even after you didn’t arrange for it.

The French start-up PUP disclosed its 1st product, PUP Scan, the world’s quickest mini scanner, some months past with its Indiegogo launch. it’s since been funded and is presently within the production part of development. This outstanding very little scanner can permit you, with only 1 click, to mechanically scan, store and share all kinds of documents (photos, bills, books, drawings, etc .


The French start-up PUP reinvents our everyday objects by revamping them through technology and style. The results of two years of analysis and development, PUP Scan was additionally born of an exquisite friendship; so, the partners in PUP area unit childhood friends with complementary skills UN agency joined forces to make the primary new generation scanner. From an advertisement to a identity card, PUP Scan permits you to spot a good array of formats from A3 to A8 in high resolution. Your documents area unit mechanically keep on your pc, pill or smartphone via the Cloud. one click permits users to send scans by email or share them on the social networks.


Connecting to a pc so as to scan is obsolete; PUP Scan is 100% mobile, and you’ll use it anyplace. It’s small (13,2 x 3,5), lightweight (200g), wireless, and its lasting battery permits you to scan up to 2000 pages.

One very important advantage: it will scan and transpose words onto editable less in surpass formats via OCR technology.

Originally, Renaud Pelissier, the founding father of PUP and a lyric singer, notional PUP Scan as a result of he couldn’t with efficiency scan his music scores. Books, photos, bills, body documents, kids’ drawings… The uses area unit very diverse: so, you’ll use it even as well in your personal life as in your work. At present, entrepreneurs, teachers, moreover as professionals of the legal and monetary sectors area unit over-represented among the backers of the project. PUP Scan forthwith affected them as an understandable suggests that of up their productivity.

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