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Paytm Success Story

Paytm Success Story

December 15, 2017 12:46:17 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

On November 8, month eight, Prime Minister Narenda Modi abolishes the usage of note of Rs five hundred and Rs one thousand. because of the unexpected change, these notes are going to be now not being valid. This had an excellent impact on the general public and resulted in nearly eighty six of the money of the economy invalid. This gave the simplest way to the success story of Paytm – Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

About – Vijay Shekhar Sharma

He is the founding father of Paytm that may be a big Indian e-commerce. He was born in an exceedingly lower-middle-class family in province. At the age of five, he listed himself in urban center faculty of Engineering. It written large success once launching the Paytm. In fact, this company currently exists with the value over a billion greenbacks. Main inspiration for Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s is Softbank’s Masayoshi Son and Alibaba’s Jack Ma.

Success story

While finding out at the urban center faculty of Engineering, he faced  several obstacles in understanding English. Even once facing obstacles, he before long started a web site referred to as indiasite.net that was oversubscribed for $ one million later. He started a content platform One97 Communications at eleven years agone that is currently serving as Paytm’s parent organization.

Successful payment business of Paytm

In 2014, Paytm was launched with on-line billfold services once that company enabled on-line payment transactions. This was offered for over one hundred million users. the corporate got a licenses from the tally last year thus on launch country’s initial ever payment bank. Moreover, the most motive of Paytm was to rework India into a cashless economy.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma started on-line and digital transactions to influence the money crisis once termination came into impact. In fact, the service of the company’s mobile billfold is accepted across India. the brand of Paytm is currently well-liked virtually everyplace from tea stalls to the corporate.

Big numbers

Since the termination, the quantity of on-line payments has enlarged over 5 million transactions a day. This shows the company’s sturdy growth curve. Company reports that there’s 700% hike within the company’s customers and also the traffic. There was a rise over the portal once the ending of the high-value currency notes. This resulted within the 100 percent growth within the price of the money across Paytm’s accounts.


Paytm is taking care all of his users. Further, it explained its convenience to any or all its users United Nations agency don’t have any access to smartphones. an organization any place in motion a toll free range 1800-1800-1234. This range can enable all their customers to receive cash and recharge their mobile phones all while not a web association. However, to use it, user initial should register for a Paytm account which can need net.

Paytm is growing at a really quick speed

It declared the new “App Password” for the automaton application. It permits user to safe their account even once the phone gets steal. Moreover, this feature permits users to lock their application employing a PIN or a arcanum. Vijay oversubscribed I Chronicles of his shares for Rs. 325 large integer in One97. In fact, this cash can facilitate in fixing of Paytm payments bank.

Customers duped Paytm

Press Trust of India (PTI) reported  that Paytm was duped by roughly forty eight customers for Rs half-dozen large integer. CBI has already filed a case in relevancy this. the corporate is increasing its capability because the servers of the mobile billfold had congestion issues. In last forty days, there ar twenty million new users. Paytm faced  technical problems because of that users face dealings problems. A proponent aforementioned that the technical challenges ar because of the unexpected jump within the enlarged range of the users

The man, United Nations agency perpetually wears a hospitable smile, stands faithful each word he wrote throughout the foremost troublesome times of his life. He owns an organization whose recent price may be a very little over $3 billion within the market in 2016, a dream dreamt once he was troubled to form ends meet with Rs ten in pocket. however he tasted finish the onerous approach. Nothing came simple for him. The tears he hides behind the cheerful self that he puts up before of the planet couldn’t be hidden for long whereas recollecting his journey.

Life tested him right from the start of his journey to become one among the foremost prestigious folks within the business world these days. tho’ he passed his higher secondary once he was simply fourteen years previous, a baby prodigy of kinds, creating it through faculty was the primary powerful challenge he faced  once he left the cosy comfort of his tiny town outside Aligarh and ventured into the important world.

He was lost in transition in college-Delhi faculty of Engineering. coming back from a really humble background (his father was a extremely high-principled, faculty teacher, United Nations agency refused to earn the additional buck through tuitions, as a result of he believed in what was the proper factor to do), He didn’t savvy to browse and write English for he finished his schooling utterly in Hindi, in his village. However, he completed in time that to form it through faculty he should begin learning the language initial and with the assistance of books, second user magazines and his friends, he down pat the language in an exceedingly approach that few will.

His routine was to browse a Hindi version of the book at the same time with the English-one, a habit that ensured that he before long learnt to browse 2 books at a similar time! however it wasn’t simple to mention the smallest amount. The first-bencher at school slowly started gravitating towards the rear benches, and in an exceedingly twinkling of an eye, was thus demoralized and disenchanted along with his dangerous grades, largely because of language constraints, that he utterly stopped attending faculty.

 “When winning is concerning not forsaking.

When doing all that you simply will, gets a replacement which means.”

Struggling to find out English, survive the rigours of engineering faculty and also the huge dangerous town that urban center was, this ordinarily would be the time once several in his state of affairs would have quit. Vijay, however, was one thing else. He determined to create, to use the time he had from ‘not attending college’ by turning associate bourgeois. A believer in difficult the unknown, he created the net his playground and Sabeer Bhatia and Yahoo his inspirations. He aspired to travel to Stanford, as a result of that was wherever Yahoo was engineered, however realising his lack of economic resources and his challenges with the English language, he determined to emulate a number of the genius at Stanford, by learning the way to code all by himself.

He started building his own content management system with a number of his faculty mates, that went onto getting used by a number of the most important news publications together with The Indian specific. it had been additionally throughout this point once he started his initial job at associate MNC. He quit once six months and engineered an organization of his own along with his friends. He finally passed his faculty examinations too.

This would additionally become the darkest time in his life, once having his dreams of reaching the geographical region shattered, he was additionally left bankrupt by his partners, with whom he had simply begun a business and raised the primary spherical of funding. In 2005, he had raised a hefty quantity of Rs eight lakhs through his venture of that he was conned off four-hundredth. He was wasted. however he wasn’t a person to surrender thus simply. He lived at a hostel close to Kashmiri Gate in urban center, skipped meals and walked long distances to attend work or conferences within the southern a part of the State.

Infact having been through such powerful times, if there’s a worry that the ‘Iron Man’ of the start-up scheme of India still harbours, it’s that sometime ‘some unknown’ can exclude all of his labor.


however the large eureka moment came in 2011 once he initial pitched the concept of coming into the payment scheme before of his board. The board wasn’t convinced, as he was talking concerning gambling the company’s cash on a non-existent market.

“Some different bourgeois would have oversubscribed the equity and began their own company. however I draw a bead on to create a one hundred year previous company. i believe that men and boys ar completely different as a result of the boys flip and sell. Men run and build legacies,” Vijay aforementioned.

So he place I Chronicles of his equity, that was concerning $2 million around 2011, on the table and aforementioned, “This is for all of you, if I waste the money that we have a tendency to placed on the location.” He adds, “There isn’t any fun in doing what others raise you to try and do, the important fun is in doing what folks say you can’t do.”

The furtive behind this light arch is that the trust he engineered along with his customers that none different gave the maximum amount price to before. Even before Vijay began the roll-out of his net billfold services , he initial engineered a powerful 24×7 client care service to handle the concerns of consumers to modify them to trust the billfold enough to place their cash into the hands of the unknown. “30% of the company’s campaign budget is endowed in building trust with the client. For America it had been the one most vital issue,” says Vijay, with a deep pride in what he has engineered up to now.

This makes our relationship with our customers special and distinctive than the remainder. we have a tendency to additionally launched in Twitter and Facebook so as before long as a client complained, we have a tendency to got here with a direct response and facilitate. Trust is that the secret formula that worked for America, tho’ there have been thirty different licences already offered within the market like Mobikwik.”

Backed by client trust, Paytm’s colossal journey to the highest of the net billfold market is currently an area of startup lore, however what’s unkown is that Paytm additionally became one among some firms worldwide to secure Series a funding exceptional many $100 MN. they need done solely a solo spherical of aid until currently with Alibaba, SAIF and Alipay.

“I have perpetually needed a business partner and not a syndicated capitalist. Our relationship with “business partner/investor” is of a journey along.

After building a billion dollar price company, maintaining the success is that the most troublesome a part of the journey and it can’t be relinquished smart cooperation, he says. For that, he ensures that the proper folks ar taken on-board United Nations agency share a similar passion to create like his. He has additionally given four-dimensional of his equity to the team, that in current price terms is concerning $120 million.


“Vijay says he have given a lot of to his team than any quantity of wage cumulatively taken in such a big amount of years,” And why he selected to try and do thus isn’t onerous to know. Given his personal experiences and also the powerful fight he place up to realize wherever he has reached, he values everybody United Nations agency contributes to making his vision. people operating in his company ar ne’er stated as ‘Employees’, however as ‘Colleagues’ or ‘Teammates’. A staunch believer of God, he believes that just one amongst each ten diligent person succeeds to the degree he these days firmly belongs in, and since of that respect he shares for each diligent person, he doesn’t have the proper to decision associateyone an worker or a employee.

It’s simply not the fighting spirit that has Vijay within the place that he enjoys these days.

While the pride he takes in his creation and also the people that facilitate him implement his vision is apparent, he brushes this distinctive quality off by oral communication, “When something’s not operating, I become the client,” with a smile on his face, that’s thus faithful himself.

He attributes his humility to the teachings learned from his father. His father say no to require trainings even supposing the additional cash would have created an enormous distinction to their lives, as he believed that true education can’t be the privilege of these United Nations agency have cash.

His struggles ar the rationale why he hates reading fiction. however will one ar impressed by created up tales!

Vijay stands testament to the old saying, “A man makes his own destiny.”

Life has been busy for this whiz-kid ever since he entered faculty. a real lover of every kind of music, Coldplay, U2, rock star being his favourites, he takes respite in music to alleviate his stress.

Inspite of of these, his angle to life are often best outlined in his own easy words.

“It (his success) still appears thus surreal.”

Any cash that came in went into paying the interest, workplace rent and salaries for the twenty-five folks team. Vijay, United Nations agency paid himself the last, had no cash to pay his house rent. thus he would return solely late at the hours of darkness and scale the walls to urge into his own house to sleep. He would come to life early within the morning and run away that the property owner wouldn’t see him.

His property owner was a fashionable, genial soul. ‘Beta,’ he would tell Vijay, ‘you ought to save cash for house rent.’

‘Sorry, uncle,’ Vijay aforementioned whenever, ‘the drawback happened solely this month, it’ll be fine succeeding month.’

But next month would solely be worse, and also the time came once Vijay didn’t have cash for food. thus he would pile on to friends thus he might gnaw at their place. The paranthewallah close to Moolchand Hospital in south urban center, celebrated for his delicious, affordable fare served late into the night, became a supply of sustenance. Vijay would walk all the way down to it once work, however with an eye fixed on his billfold. 2 cups of tea within the winter was a luxury—a way cry from the times of golgappa shots while not John Barleycorn. ‘The circle of life,’ says Vijay, with a guffaw.

Some days he would do coaching or practice work to form cash. He would head to firms and teach their staff concerning the net. He was paid Rs one thousand for every day of coaching. for a few of the businesses, he would created a web site and email whereas his team ran the One97 operations. the money Vijay attained this manner unbroken One97 going.

While on the training-consultancy circuit, Vijay saw Piyush Agrawal, whose Polar computer code required facilitate with its technology. Vijay’s work took Agrawal’s company from no profits to a handsome profit.

‘Why don’t you become the CEO of my company?’ asked Agrawal.

 ‘I can’t,’ aforementioned Vijay, ‘I have my very own company to run.’

 ‘Think concerning it,’ aforementioned Piyush.

And Vijay did.

This was in 2004. Vijay was twenty-six. His folks were frantically searching for an acceptable bride for him. however there was a drag.

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Vijay’s father would initiate negotiations with a girl’s family. The girl’s facet would ab initio be terribly keen, given Vijay’s standing as physical science and communications graduate from urban center faculty of Engineering. somebody from the girl’s facet would intercommunicate to fulfill him, then things would go terribly quiet.

Vijay’s father was nonplussed. on the other hand he patterned it out. The girl’s facet went quiet once they found Vijay wasn’t transportation home a bonded quantity in wage each month. the daddy was currently pushing Vijay to pack up his company and take up employment, one that may pay him a minimum of Rs thirty thousand a month. That, the daddy believed, would be a powerful magnet to fetch him an honest lady. He additionally ticked off Vijay for having taken loans from friends and family. ‘I don’t am fond of it,’ he would say.

All this may bring tears to Vijay’s eyes. He had given his blood and sweat to One97; he couldn’t bear to shut it down. however he might now not ward off his father’s shrewish.

So he spoke to Piyush Agrawal.

‘Why don’t I work for you 0.5 every day a day and you pay ME Rs thirty,000 a month? i’ll be your CEO, however just for 1/2 the operating day.’

For Piyush, it had been a steal. He was obtaining a CEO United Nations agency had brought his company into profits even whereas operating as associate outsider. currently he was able to go full-time . thus what if it had been for less than 0.5 the operating day? Whoever got an honest CEO for Rs thirty thousand a month?

The deal was done. Vijay told his family he had become a CEO and was earning Rs thirty,000 a month. In 2005, Vijay got married to a lady from Jaipur.

The wedding was a straightforward affair. It had to be, since Vijay had no income and he didn’t need his folks or his wife’s folks to pay on the marriage. The budget had to be unbroken among Rs two large integer, that he had had borrowed from a chap United Nations agency was his partner in XS Corps, his initial company.

He contains a pleasant very little son currently, on whom he will, and United Nations agency visits him at workplace from time to time and sits in his lap. however Vijay continues to be unsure that obtaining married was the proper factor to try and do.

‘The significant other contains a heap of expectations from a replacement relationship. however I couldn’t devote time to my married person albeit I needed to.’

All his time was spent attempting to stay One97 going, that was changing into troublesome with every passing day.

One day, Piyush Agrawal asked Vijay what his company did and why it required most of his time.

‘How am i able to help?’ asked Piyush.

‘Give ME a loan of Rs eight large integer,’ aforementioned Vijay. ‘That is that the quantity of loan i want to repay.’

‘I cannot offer you Rs eight large integer simply to repay your loan. however I will invest this quantity in your company,’ aforementioned Piyush.

That he did, and additionally gave area in his workplace to One97 thus Vijay may well be on the point of each Polar and One97 at a similar time. In return, Piyush got a forty per cent stake in One97.

Piyush oversubscribed most of his stake later for Rs eighty seven large integer. that ought to be enough to form him one among the shrewdest investors within the history of India. however had he persevered . . . well . . . One97, with its possession of the Paytm mobile billfold and a web marketplace, is currently valued at billions of greenbacks. It additionally contains a payments bank licence currently.

The high current valuation makes some folks question Vijay’s knowledge in giving for free forty per cent for simply Rs eight large integer and a few workplace area. They forget that the worth of cash depends on the requirement it serves. Had Piyush’s Rs eight large integer not are available in at the time it did, One97 could have pack up and there would be no Paytm. In a sense, Piyush’s cash was Vijay’s angel spherical of funding.

Later, Polar oversubscribed its workplace and moved . And still later, once Vijay had the money, he bought back a similar workplace.

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