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Nuimo Seamless Smart Home Control Device By Senic

Nuimo Seamless Smart Home Control Device By Senic

July 27, 2018 05:04:01 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

Nuimo: Seamless good Home Interface

Nuimo may be a universal controller for the web of things. management your music, lights, locks associate degreed a lot of Nuimo is an intuitive and natural thanks to act together with your connected devices.

Nuimo may be a Natural interface (NUI), that permits you to possess a a lot of seamless and natural good home expertise, or a lot of exactitude management over your artistic work. Nuimo is wireless and freely programmable controller which will hook up with the devices you’re keen on together with your good speakers, lights, thermostats or laptop. it’s four inputs together with a click button, gesture recognition, electrical phenomenon bit surface and 360 degree ring and uses a hidden 9×9 LED matrix for visual feedback. because of associate degree open platform, every of those inputs are often simply mapped to regulate standard devices together with Sonos, Philips Hue, Nest or Spotify and a lot of. Nuimo is intended to elegantly mix into your home interior, giving the whole family access to their good home the approach a graphical interface (like the good phone) cannot. Nuimo is communal, permitting users to stay their attention on individuals around them – disposing of layers of menus. Nuimo’s inputs mimic the simplicity of a lightweight switch or radio dial, creating it intuitive to use. Nuimo was created aboard native German makers victimisation specially developed production techniques to realize wonderful tactile feel and user expertise.

the device integrates bluetooth low energy technology to instinctively communicate with all connected devices, like smartphones, tablets, and private computers. it are often placed anyplace within the home, and may be programmed to utilize turning, clicking, swiping and even hand motion gestures.

nuimo’ has associate degree infrared based mostly detector that acknowledges precise hand movements that command everything from the quantity of the music, to switch off the lights. a eleven x eleven matrix LED face, displays settings and third party choices, sort of a timer for the room. the senic ‘nuimo’ contains a diameter of seventy eight millimetre and weighs a hundred ninety grams (6.7 oz). it’s factory-made from anodized SI 01 metal, and is roofed by a scratch resistant hardened glass. the dial contains a reversible Li compound battery, and may run up to four months on one charge. the software package is associate degree open supply platform which will invite a community of developers to form a a lot of versatile integration with alternative ‘internet of things’, like sonos, nest and philips hue.

The Nuimo may be a fantastically designed and created metallic element puck form, with a swish scroll wheel running around its edge and a LED show for visual feedback. You act with the Nuimo via physical contact by touching, scrolling, swiping etc., or a lot of curiously victimisation gestures.

Nuimo works with any bluetooth device or application together with Sonos and Philips Hue.

Nuimo may be a freely programmable controller and wireless therefore you’ll be able to take it anyplace. victimisation the nuimo you’ll be able to management all of your devices through our easy and seamless physical controller.

Unlike the bit screen, nuimo contains a range of bit based mostly inputs that feel acquainted and fit your desires. It incorporates electrical phenomenon bit, gesture recognition and a 360 degree analog ring that provides you precise management over everything from the quantity of your music to switch off your lights. These inputs ar simply mappable to the devices and applications you care concerning most.  The LED matrix on the face of the device enables you to amendment apps quickly or event show a timer app within the room.

Nuimo will hook up with something that uses Bluetooth Low Energy, this includes your laptop and most connected devices. No further hardware is needed to attach to your good devices.

Setup is easy through a smartphone or laptop – merely load on the applications you wish for nuimo and modify the controls to fit your desires. Once setup is complete you’ll be able to switch through apps you are victimisation right the face of the device.

Nuimo is wireless therefore it will associate with you. it had been designed to be lovely and not solely act as a seamless interface for technology however match seamlessly into your home among your most cherished objects.

Nuimo is effectively a tactile crosscut to apps. whereas Sonos’ controller, the Hue remote app, et al ar all extremely versatile, the requirement to unlock your phone, load the proper software package, so hunt through menus means that they’ll be needlessly long once all you wish is to pause a track or dim the lights.

Nuimo boils the basics down into one device. within the middle may be a easy dot-matrix show showing perform and volume – a tone for your sound system, or a bulb for your connected lights, for example – and also the unit is circled by a rotating dial.

Swiping on the show from aspect to aspect moves between functions, like skipping tracks. Swiping up and down changes the device controlled, and faucets management things like turning lights on and off, or play/pause.

The back is magnetic , which suggests you’ll be able to stick the dial to a refrigerator, and a gesture detector permits you to regulate it by moving your hand up and down over the highest of the Nuimo, helpful if you have got dirty hands.

The steel bearing encoder ring within provides the dial a lovely heft, and it’s the advantage of being amazingly precise, with 1,000 individual points of recognition that additionally provide Nuimo potential as a rotary controller for graphics and CAD applications on PCs and Macs.Bluetooth autoimmune disease keeps power consumption down

and it recharges via microUSB. The Nuimo app is accessible for iOS and humanoid, and also the company contains a device compatibility list that features Sonos, Hue, Nest, Apple TV, August, Photoshop, and more.


Nuimo is formed from glass-bead blasted metallic element and double-hardened acrylic glass.

Integrated with over thirty devices and applications

Bluetooth four.1, compatible with Apple TV, Android TV, iOS and humanoid

Indoor vary of up to twenty meters

Battery Life: 1-month average life on one charge. reversible with provided small USB cable.

Input options:  High-precision rotary ring, Bit interface and gesture management

Output: 9×9 LED matrix for visual feedback

management light-weight, speakers or alternative devices by switch mode with a vertical swipe over the surface

Magnets enclosed for mounting on a icebox or are often mounted on a wall with the magnetic plate

Honoured with the German style Award 2016 & Red Dot style Award 2016

Designed and made in Federal Republic of Germany – method are often seen at bit.ly/MakingNuimo

wireless, magnetic and powered, the ‘nuimo’ are often place it anyplace

It already has the power to integrate with several standard devices and services

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