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Noaq Boxwall Flood Barrier Barricades Flood Protection System

Noaq Boxwall Flood Barrier Barricades Flood Protection System

September 07, 2018 12:25:05 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur


The NOAQ Boxwall could be a separate temporary flood barrier. it’s designed specifically for the urban atmosphere, with even surfaces like asphalt streets and concrete floors.

A NOAQ Boxwall could be a mobile self-anchoring flood barrier. The NOAQ Boxwall BW50 creates a dam for water up to a height of fifty cm. The boxwall is thus light-weight that it will quickly be discovered to safeguard buildings and alternative property against water harm, and conjointly to stay roads open. A boxwall is meant to be used on an excellent, firm surface, like a sealed street or a concrete floor. The boxwall is proprietary during a sizable amount of states.

NOAQ Boxwall could be a separate temporary flood barrier designed for quick response to flood threats in Associate in Nursing urban atmosphere, on arduous and even surfaces like tarmac, paving and concrete.

The NOAQ Boxwall is ready to dam zero.5m of water and is extraordinarily light-weight and straightforward to deploy. though the burden of every box section is light-weight, at only 3.4kg, the Boxwall stands firm with none external fastening, even once damming water to its full height. The Boxwall flood barrier is anchored by the burden of the flood water itself.

The Boxwall is especially helpful throughout flash flooding to regulate quick flowing water, fun it removed from vulnerable entrances. The Boxwall sections straightforward keep on with the asphalt and divert the water.

The Boxwall is made up by slotting along any range of box sections. The versatile ± 3° coupling makes it attainable to form curves, however it’s conjointly attainable to create corners employing a tailor-made corner piece.

After the flood, the Boxwall is definitely demolished and may be cleansed employing a hosepipe. The box sections ar stackable, which implies they need little house to store and ar simple to move.

Fast readying, light-weight flood barrier for fast response flood protection in urban areas – unlimited length up to zero.5m high.

How will it work?

A boxwall is created by snapping along variety of individual parts, “boxes”. every box includes a horizontal half contact the bottom on the flood aspect. the burden of the flood water coming into on high of the horizontal half press the device against the bottom, and therefore the barrier is herewith anchored faithfully. a few of rubber soles on the undersurface give the required friction. The boxwall will even be overtopped while not tipping or slippy.

NOAQ Flood Fighting System

It is not terribly troublesome to safeguard against floods, if you have got the correct stuff. within the past that they had to use sandbags. currently there ar fashionable mobile flood barriers that may be quickly deployed in danger of flooding, to then be removed once more even as quick. Barriers that can also be reused.

The tubewall and therefore the boxwall from NOAQ are  2 such mobile protecting barriers. each ar designed in order that they’re mechanically anchored by the own weight of the flood water. this manner we’ve got been ready to create the particular barriers Very light. They weigh but I Chronicles of the sandbags, however they’re still 100 percent effective. A fifty cm high barrier weighs no quite five,5 kilogram per running metre.

The barriers are thus light-weight and handy that they’ll be engineered up by standard individuals, those most closely affected. workers will defend their own geographic point, the scholars their own faculty, the members of the family their house and therefore the neighbors their own community. Still the emergency service and alternative society resources are required, however they’ll instead consider protective roads, hospitals, pump stations etc. further as facilitate those that for varied reasons cannot facilitate themselves.

This way NOAQ’s flood barriers will contribute that a lot of individuals will get entangled and create a distinction, which society as an entire is best ready to deal with a flood state of affairs.

Product Highlight for Boxwall


Each “box” weighs but three.4kg. Despite it’s light-weight weight, the fifty cm high barrier is faithfully stable even once damming water to its higher edge!

・Easy maintenance

After use, the boxes ar simply detached and may be cleansed by employing a hosepipe.

・ little stock house

Another huge advantage is that the boxes is stacked, which implies they need little house for storage and transport. one customary 20′ instrumentality will produce a Boxwall stretching one,000 meters.

The NOAQ proprietary Flood Fighting System could be a utterly new and revolutionary idea for speedy flood protection. The system is comprised of expansive plastic tubes that interconnect to form a brief water barrier, a “Tubewall”.

The device is fast and straightforward to line up which supplies you the chance to require command of things and to require the offense flooding defense!

Product Highlight for Tubewall

・ light

0.3% of the burden of a corresponding sandbag dike makes it lighter than the other device.

・ extraordinarily quick

The low weight makes for quick installation, sanctionative you to avoid wasting a lot of property in less time. attainable to create sixty m/hour by 2 individuals (and dismount it at constant speed!)

・ Stable

Even once damming water to the brim!

・ Flexible

Works further on lawns and meadows because it will on concrete and asphalt.

・ No ground harm

Neither from the device itself, nor from serious vehicles.

・ Neat and handy

Takes very little space for storing once folded, and is simple to ship.

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