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Naväge Nose Cleaning Machine

Naväge Nose Cleaning Machine

January 08, 2018 01:02:14 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

As a lifetime follower of infomercials, I couldn’t help but fall in love with ads for the Naväge nose cleaner. The strange look of the machine, it’s disgusting purpose, the way the woman in the commercial comically sprays water out of her nose after using it — I knew I had to try it.

If you watch TV with any regularity, you’re probably already familiar with this peculiar product. Commercials for the machine are hard to forget since they feature people sticking nose plugs attached to what looks like a modified Brita water filter into their faces and blushing out everything they keep in their nasal passages. It is essentially a battery-operated net pot, but rather than water draining out of your nose and into a sink somewhere, it goes from one container in the machine into another.

The formation myth of the machine, courtesy of the company website, is that its creator woke up at 4 a.m. on a Sunday morning in 2007, unable to sleep and unable to stop thinking about nasal irrigation. That’s when he had his eureka moment. There is no description for why there is a diacritical mark in Naväge, although given the revolution the company has brought to the field of nasal irrigation, perhaps we can forgive the odd typographical quirk.

The company is based in Cleveland, Ohio, but actually launched in Canada first. The Inventor of this machine “Martin Hoke” told that Health Canada’s policies for bringing health products to market are “unique and sensible” compared to the United States, where jumping through regulatory hoops is “expensive, time-consuming, and … inappropriately burdensome for our particular product.”

When seeing infomercials for the machine hundreds of times on TV and even seeking others out on YouTube, my inquisitiveness got the better of me. I asked the company whether they could possibly spare a sample machine for review purposes, and they obliged. Luckily on a day when I was a bit stuffed up. This machine needs important outfit, but after the batteries are in and the salt pod is mixing into the water, you’re ready to go.

The sensation is hard to describe. You insert the strange “nasal pillows” into your nose and half-press the button to create a vacuum effect, which is rather uncomfortable. Once you press the button all the way in, the salt water runs from the top container through one nostril and out the other into the lower container. The whole thing takes about 10 seconds.

The strangest part of the experience is being able to breathe through your mouth while water rushes through your nasal passages. Don’t try to talk, because water will start oozing down the back of your throat. After you unfasten the “little robot with fists,” as one friend described the machine, be prepared to shoot half a cup’s worth of saltwater out of your nose and on to any unsuspecting passers-by. There is a weird feeling in the back of the throat, not dissimilar from what you might experience after swallowing a bit of water at the swimming pool, but otherwise the effect is rather pleasant. The following day, however, it felt like my body was trying to compensate for the unexpected rinse by producing twice as much as normal, leaving me a bit more stuffed up than usual.

If you have frequent sinus infections or simply want some help during cold and flu or allergy season, this might be the nasal irrigation gadget for you, but otherwise you should probably let your body sort it out. Either way, you should consider your needs carefully before spending $40 on a nasal irrigation machine.

Naväge’s inventor agonized from frequent sinusitis and was looking for a way to diminish the discomfort of sinusitis and decrease the number of sinus infections. He found that a neti pot irrigated the sinuses and relieved the symptoms associated with sinusitis. Neti pot really works.

As he was expending, he obvious that it would be more comfortable and convenient if the saline solution were pulled through the sinus passage rather than being pushed through the sinus passage the way a neti pot does.

The Naväge Nasal Hygiene System uses saline pods, which means no mixing or measuring. The system has two nostril plugs. One side of the nostril plug pushes the salty into the nostril and the other side of the nostril plug gently pulls the liquid through your sinus cavity.

His idea of using suction instead of pressure is a different concept than traditional a neti pot. This technique is efficient, convenient and comfortable. As an alternative of the salty being pushed through the nasal cavities, the salted is pulled through the sinuses using gentle suction.

The main principle is to utilize suction power not pressure; use a nose vacuum, not a broom!

The company which produces this product is in the USA, Cleveland, Ohio. Although it was first launched in Canada.
It is ready to use, once the batteries are installed, and the salt body is fitted.

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