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Native Union Eclipse 3Port High Speed USB Charger Cable

Native Union Eclipse 3Port High Speed USB Charger Cable

September 11, 2018 03:17:08 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

Native Union Eclipse provides USB-A and USB-C charging with trendy cable storage

Native Union is an adjunct company that places a stress on vogue. whether or not it’s a cool case or some neat cables, its product typically stand out from the group of school accent manufacturers. The Eclipse Charger is one among its latest merchandise, and it’s a multi-device charging hub that’s way more complicated than most different merchandise we’ve seen from the corporate. The Eclipse Charger come into being as a crowd-funding campaign, and that we take a more in-depth look in our review to ascertain whether or not or not it’s well worth the high tag.

The Native Union ECLIPSE charger allows you to charge 3 iPhone and iPad models at the same time. Plus, it provides you the convenience of associate degree integrated cable management system. At one bit, Eclipse rises to reveal storage for up to 3 of your charging cables.

Charge multiple devices at most speed. Eclipse charger could be a 3-port USB charging station that includes sensible IC technology, making certain safe, high-speed charging up to seven.8Amps to your mobile devices.

Acylindrical cable wrap that recesses into a housing once not in use. It will charge 3 USB devices at a time, and also the cables are often fully out of sight throughout the days they don’t seem to be required.

Additionally, a soft halo ring of sunshine helps you discover your cords within the dark as an nonobligatory wall mount helps create Eclipse a handy bedside/couchside companion.

Heavy, But  Minimal

The Eclipse Charger’s style can split opinion. we tend to like its simplicity and also the inclusion of usual materials, however we’ve step by step come back to contemplate it a touch massive and significant. Its circular, moon-like prime down read is enticing, however it’s quite large once you investigate it from the facet. For a tool created to cut back litter, it’s an oversized footprint, which could place some individuals off.

The Eclipse holds 3 USB charging cables within, keeping them showing neatness wrapped round the central, motorized drum section. Double faucet the highest of the Eclipse and it rises up, revealing your cables and connectors. the thought is to extract simply enough of the one you would like, plug it in to your device, and double faucet the flat prime once more to lower the middle into place.

Before you get to the present stage, you’ll got to “build” the Eclipse once you take it out of the box. Add every cable you wish to use through the central screwhead-style stack. There are 3 ports that manage power, delivering quicker than traditional charging, however the Eclipse doesn’t support technology like Qualcomm’s fast Charge. There are 3 USB Type-A ports with two.4A, and a USB Type-C port with 3A hidden within. Wrapping the cables up wasn’t the onerous half, however obtaining the central unit reattached to the bottom took tons of force — to the purpose wherever we tend to were afraid it might break. Thankfully, it eventually snapped into place.

Placement and mounting

There are 2 choices for the Eclipse. Flat on the table, or mounted on a wall

I 1st placed Eclipse on the table next to our couch, although I also tried it side, and mounted on the wall. Of all 3, the wall mount was out and away my favorite.

To mount it on the wall, atiny low plastic mounting bracket is enclosed, yet as 2 screws.

Eclipse simply slides over prime and locks into place. Its significant nylon-wrapped cable does not look dangerous in the least taking place the wall. Native Union also includes a animal skin wrap for this cable yet, that is extremely handy.

Power and connectivity

Native Union set to incorporate solely 3 USB ports in Eclipse, a pointy distinction to different chargers that arrange to integrate as many as potential. Before creating that call, the corporate surveyed thousands of individuals, learning that whereas most of the people had six devices that require to be charged, they solely charge 2 to 3 on a daily basis. when staring at our own habits, we tend to agree that we tend to seldom charge over 3 devices directly.

Eclipse Charger USB Ports

Two ports are the quality USB-A, with the third a USB-A/USB-C jazz group port. atiny low transferable panel permits you to alternate between the 2 looking on the device you would like to charge.

All USB-A ports will charge at two.4 amps, whereas USB-C is capable of 3A. that will not be nearly enough to charge a MacBook professional quickly providing it’s solely supply 15W however it’ll work for many mobile devices, together with the Nintendo Switch.

One of our 1st thoughts was the highest panel would be a superb home for a wireless charger. Native Union pushed back speech that not everybody uses wireless charging nevertheless. If they were to integrate a wireless charger, it might be larger and costlier for less than atiny low portion of the user base.

Native Union mentioned the highest could be a solid surface that will be an excellent home to any further wireless charger, like their Drop ch’i charging pad.

Charge all the devices

We selected to introduce associate degree Apple Lightning cable, a USB Type-C cable, and our Apple Watch charging disc. the 2 phone chargers showing neatness hide away within the Eclipse, however the channels within the central section aren’t large enough for the Apple Watch charging disc, therefore it flops around outside. It doesn’t have an effect on use, however it’s not the prettiest resolution. To be honest to Native Union, it states this truth quite clearly in its list.

The Eclipse has surge protection beside sensible power management, therefore it delivers the most power to devices that may take it. we tend to didn’t notice it obtaining hot, or the other negative effects.

The Eclipse simply performs its main operate  a trendy cable management resolution  effectively. 3 cables cover a side table or on a table is ugly and a touch dangerous. The Eclipse fully solves this drawback. The Eclipse itself isn’t a lot of of a space-saver although. It’s a considerable spherical footstall, and takes up a good quantity of space on atiny low table. there’s the choice to wall-mount the total issue, which can be preferable; however this suggests winding the cables up once more once you’re done to stay it neat, that defeats the Eclipse’s simplicity.

Eclipse will wonders to square away your work surface or nightstand. But, that is the rub if the cables do not get bound up, it’s as untidy as the other multi-device charger.

Eclipse Charger Light On

I found the intrinsical light-weight even additional helpful once mounted on the wall compared to on the table yet. To activate the sunshine, one faucet on the middle of the surface can do. It even contains a nice moving impact because it activates and off.

How regarding the motorized top? It’s a touch gimmicky, however during a great way. Sure, a spring unleash system would have done a similar job, however it wouldn’t be as neat or as fun. The double faucet to boost and lower the cable management drum is simple to recollect and works nearly whenever, though you are doing have to be compelled to be quite precise with the temporal arrangement of your faucets. one faucet on the highest activates a tiny low close light-weight below the Eclipse — showing the inspiration for its name  that provides off a tiny low glow. It’s no reading light-weight, sadly, and outdoors of wanting quite cool, it serves no purpose.

The Eclipse could be a sensible, stylish, and well-designed cable management and charging system for your varied gadgets. It’s versatile as a result of you utilize your own cables, however the draw back is it’s quite massive, therefore don’t expect it to soften away into the background. currently if solely the highest half was a wireless charging pad too, we’d be joyful.


  • Total output of seven.8A and 39W, enough to at the same time charge 3 iPhones at full speed
  • Two USB-A ports (up to two.4A per port) and one USB-A or USB-C port (up to two.4A for USB-A, up to 3A for USB-C)
  • Braided power line that gives extension up to twelve.5 feet (3.8 m) from the receptacle
  • Stylish cloth on front surface
  • Over-current/voltage protection—tested to handle peak voltages up to 3000V (compared to nominal AC 220V) with none safety breach
  • 5000+ motor movement time period adore four uses per day for three.5 years
  • Storage accommodates 3 cables (each as long as half dozen.5 feet (2.0 m))
  • Charges a MacBook professional with Thunderbolt three (USB-C) ports in regarding 5 hours

Tech Specs

  • Cable Length: five.9 ft./1.8 m
  • Power Source: AC
  • Length: 6.41 in./16.3 cm
  • Width: 6.41 in./16.3 cm
  • Depth: 2.6 in./6.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.98 lb./900 g

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