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My Critter Catcher Travel Eco Friendly Spider & Insect Catcher

My Critter Catcher Travel Eco Friendly Spider & Insect Catcher

August 18, 2018 03:32:21 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

My creature Catcher The Best Spider & Insect Catcher

My creature Catcher is perfect for catching, Spiders, Crickets, Beetles, Wasps & Bees, Cockroaches, Scorpions  and it is a fast, Clean associated Non-Lethal way to take away insects in an Eco-Friendly manner. nice for youths eager to catch insects (even butterflies) to review while not harming. additionally excellent for grabing those onerous to achieve things quite arms length behind piece of furniture or high on the ceiling.

The My creature Catcher solves your unwanted guest issues by following the old “catch-and-release” apply utilized by fishermen Who place live fish back to the water shortly when catching them. the My creature Catcher encompasses a long handle to stay those creepy-crawlies off from you once returning them to their homes.

The My creature Catcher needs no batteries or harmful pesticides as dozens of sentimental nylon bristles open and shut around insects and pests while not harming or material possession them escape for simple transportation outside.

Practical, affordable, and simple, the My creature Catcher solves a significant downside though most square measure embarrassed to admit it.

Things to contemplate Before shopping for associate Insect Remover

Insects are often associate unwelcome sight in your home. associate insect take can work to assist quickly and safely remove them from your home and transport them outside. You don’t ought to get getting ready to or bit the insect so as to try to to thus. If you’re trying to find a humane and chemical-free thanks to take away insects from your home, you must undoubtedly contemplate a product like this. However, if you’re somebody WHO doesn’t need to run around and perpetually transport insects outside, this may not be the proper form of product for you.

My creature Catcher

My creature Catcher may be a long insect unpleasant person. This humane bug catcher is really easy to use. My creature Catcher’s handle to open the nylon bristle. Position The open bristles over the bug and unleash the handle to entrap and grab. Take the bug to your required location and squeeze the handle to unleash. My creature Catcher encompasses a 25-inch long handle to keeps bugs a secure distance off from your body. once you’re finished creating your observations, unleash the spider back to its atmosphere. It’s the proper gift for associate aspiring entomologist! Don’t squash bugs. Humanely evict them from your home with My creature Catcher.

This product weighs regarding six.1 oz. and measures regarding twenty seven x five x two inches long. It options a sleek inexperienced and white style. On one finish of this product you’ll realize a handle that you’ll use to open the bristles on the other finish of this model. After you press this handle in, the bristles can open at the front. you’ll then place this product over the insect, unleash the handle, and thus entice the insect so you’ll move it outside. thanks to this technique, it’s an easy product to use that is nice. It additionally comes with a bristle cowl that you’ll place over the product’s bristles once you’re not victimization it.

My creature Catcher ensures that you’ll be ready to catch virtually any form of insect possible. Insects hurrying around in your home aren’t a really pleasant sight. The model during this review is way larger compared to the opposite My creature Catcher model known as Truck N’Travel. This model is littleer and is meant to be utilized in small areas like cars.

Humanely removes bugs from home

25-inch handle keeps bugs safe distance off from your body

Easy to use catch and unleash trigger

Indoor and out of doors use

Nylon fiber bristles safely entice bug

Trap insects simply for observation

Weighs one pound

Measures 26-inches X five.5-inches X two.5-inches


It’s a humane thanks to take away insects from your home.

It’s straightforward to use.

No harmful chemicals square measure concerned.


It might be troublesome to catch bound bugs with this, particularly if they’re quick.

Its style may create it onerous to urge into tight angles.

The structure will typically crack.

Features and edges

It’s a straightforward Product to Use

You quite doubtless desire a product that’s straightforward to use, and this product is. This product simply needs you to press a handle to capture the insect and walk outside to unleash it. No wires, special instrumentation is needed. Besides not needing further instrumentation and special tools, it doesn’t need a lot of effort from you. whereas you are doing have to be compelled to move around a touch, it’s completely different from typical bug removal ways. You don’t ought to improve on ladders or chairs to achieve tall areas or try to attempt to bend in an ungainly position to achieve an insect.


No Batteries square measure needed

It are often a pain typically to own a bug remover that runs on batteries. this could cause you raise queries like has it been charged enough? Do i want to shop for additional batteries? With this model, you don’t ought to worry regarding this. Nothing except a touch effort on your half is needed. You don’t have to be compelled to invest in batteries so as for this product to figure that an excellent profit.

No Mess is Left Behind

It might look like associate attemptto get rid of an insect will produce a multitude, however this model doesn’t. this is often as a result of this product works to scoop and entice the insect in its bristles, instead of smashing and killing it. So, you won’t ought to worry regarding improvement up a nasty mess left behind on the floors or walls when removing a spider or bee.

It’s a Humane thanks to take away Insects

Many people dislike and even concern insects, however if you’re like American state, in spite of what proportion i’d dislike them I still feel dangerous regarding killing them. With this product, you don’t ought to worry regarding this. It’s a humane thanks to take away and transport insects back outside wherever they belong. each bug are often safely captured and transported outside. This additionally makes it associate environmentally-friendly possibility as a result of insects are often terribly useful for nature. rather than killing a bug that accidentally walked or flew into your home, you’ll simply transport it back outside because of this.

This Product will take away every type of Insects

This Product will take away every type of InsectsSome product on the market that I’ve seen very solely work with removing bound styles of insects. this could be a retardant. associate insect take awayr ought to be ready to remove any form of insect, giant or little. This product is in a position to try to to thus that may be a good thing. The insect are often something from giant spiders to little flies.

It’s cheap

Many insect remover product these days are often dearly-won. However, My creature Catcher is cheap. this implies you’ll invest in one without concern of breaking the bank for a product that may assist you take away bugs from your house. Also, as a result of it doesn’t need batteries or some wattage supply, you don’t ought to worry regarding investment in these further product to create certain you’ve got enough energy to power the insect remover. Once you purchase this product, that’s the sole investment you’ll have to be compelled to create.


It Comes in numerous colours

One nice feature regarding this model is that it comes in numerous colours. this implies you won’t ought to settle with the manufacturer’s color alternative. you’ve got the selection between three trendy designs: camouflage, pink, and green.

The Handle is Long

At 25.5 inches, the handle of this product is long enough to create certain you don’t ought to get getting ready to any form of insect. this is often nice particularly if you’ve got a concern of bugs. you simply ought to hold the creature Catcher up, squeeze the handle, and capture them. You’ll be so much enough off from any insect thus you don’t ought to worry regarding them flying or crawl close to you.

A long handle is vital particularly for this reason and it’s smart that this product incorporated one into its style. The handle can permit you to be regarding four foot. off from any insect which can forestall you from having to urge up getting ready to them. this is often an excellent feature for those like myself WHO aren’t the most important fans of bugs.

It’s light-weight

Many different bug removing product need you to maneuver them around, however several of them are often serious. this will create it troublesome for a few individuals to maneuver the merchandise around that could find yourself giving the insect time to flee. one among the simplest options regarding the creature Catcher (besides the actual fact that it removes bothersome bugs) is that it’s light-weight. It solely weighs six.1 oz. creating it straightforward for anyone to raise and move it around simply.

It Comes with a Bristle cowl

This bristle cowl won’t solely be helpful to assist shield the bristles after you store it away, however will secure the bug treed within the merchandise. when you capture the insect in its bristles, you’ll slide the duvet on that. this may facilitate to confirm the bug won’t accidentally fall out once you’re transporting it outside.

Social Proof

I know, it are often troublesome to believe associate insect remover product like this very exists and works, however it does! many individuals have left positive reviews regarding this product that helps to point out that it very may be a helpful and safe product.


If you’ve got a dislike or concern of bugs, having to get rid of or lose them on your own are often a touch horrifying. However, because of My creature Catcher, this doesn’t ought to happen any further. It’s a humane thanks to take away insects and needs no special instrumentation aside from you to easily squeeze a handle. It’s straightforward to use that helps create it an excellent manner for you to quickly take away bugs from your home.

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