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Life Straw Water Filters Changed The Life Of Millions Living With Water

Life Straw Water Filters Changed The Life Of Millions Living With Water

July 28, 2018 05:33:10 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

LifeStraw Personal filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency state

LifeStraw is an Astounding water filtration device. It’s small, extremely moveable, straightforward to work, and presumably life-saving.

LifeStraw is that the original triumph ultra-light and moveable personal filter that creates contaminated water safe to drink. LifeStraw removes ninety nine.9999% of waterborne microorganism, together with E. coli and enteric bacteria, and 99.9% waterborne protozoa, together with mastigophore and Cryptosporidium. It conjointly reduces cloudiness or opaqueness, by filtering particulate larger than zero.2 microns. the skinny straw-like cylinder is simply 9” long, weighs two ounces, and needs no electric power, batteries or replacements elements.

Throughout its life, LifeStraw can rework 264 gallons of contaminated water into safe water. it’ll last for 9 months if someone uses it to drink eight glasses of filtered water every day. At the top of its life, the rate can decrease till the LifeStraw stops pull water through the filter.

Keep one along with your inhabitancy gear, within the compartment of your automotive, and in your pocket anytime you are hiking during a remote space.

Requires no batteries or replacement elements

Water is needed and filtered only by your suction. The LifeStraw needs no external power supply, has no moving elements, and needs zero maintenance.

The LifeStraw is created from BPA-free plastic and chemical-free filtration membranes. one LifeStraw will filter 264 gallons (enough for someone to measure for a year) and removes ninety nine.9999% of waterborne microorganism and ninety nine.9% of parasites.

Lightweight, slender style is right for inhabitancy

Anything will happen within the nice outdoors. must you or a lover find yourself during a sticky state of affairs, the LifeStraw may mean the distinction between life or death. With it and a Swiss Army Knife, you are smart to travel.

Removes up to ninety nine.9999% of microorganism

The filters within the LifeStraw take away something zero.2 microns or larger. this implies that ninety nine.9999% of microorganism and ninety nine.9% of parasites ar extracted from your water.

In the us, one among the foremost common waterborne sicknesses is caused by the bacteria microorganism that is additionally filtered out by the LifeStraw.

Until we tend to met the LifeStraw, US here of us at Vat19 were unacquainted the term “turbidity”. currently we all know that it refers to the cloudiness of a fluid caused by suspended solids (aka funk).

The LifeStraw, additionally to clean-up the critical diseases that will be in natural water sources, conjointly turns cloudy water crystal clear.

The LifeStraw could be a world-changing invention that was at the start designed to supply vital aid throughout natural disasters. it’s conjointly getting used in several developing countries wherever access to hygienical water is restricted.

Your purchase of a LifeStraw guarantees that a toddler during a developing country has access to wash water for a complete year.

The fine of us at LifeStraw have smartly integrated AN improved two-stage LifeStraw inside a durable and light-weight bottle. The hollow fiber membrane employed in a complete LifeStraw is paired with AN C capsule for even higher filtration. The carbon capsule in addition reduces chemical element, unhealthy odors and tastes, and even probably harmful organic chemical matter like pesticides, herbicides, and volatile organic compounds.

The technology behind LifeStraw filters


All LifeStraw product use a hollow fiber membrane. These membranes have microscopic pores that lure contaminants.


Bacteria and parasites ar larger than the pores within the filter. Water is in a position to taste, however contaminants larger than zero.2 microns stay cornered.

Some LifeStraw product use a two-stage filtration method. additionally to the hollow fiber membrane, a carbon capsule absorbs chemicals like chemical element and pesticides.

More advanced carbon filters just like the LifeStraw Flex conjointly cut back significant metals like lead.

Making unhealthy Water smart

The with competence named LifeStraw could be a tube regarding 9 in.es long and one inch wide, with a mouthpiece on one finish.absorb  dirty water through even directly out of a contaminated springand by the time it reaches your lips, it’s clean. The filtration system weeds out ninety nine.9999 % of waterborne microorganism, together with E. coli and enteric bacteria, and 99.9 % of waterborne protozoa, together with cryptosporidium. Suck down some unfiltered cryptoYou may be wrestling with looseness of the bowels, projection and fever for some weeks.

That makes the LifeStraw not solely a life-saving piece of kit in elements of the planet wherever clean water is difficult to return by, however conjointly a lightweight, convenient piece of drugs for hikers WHO don’t need to hold a gallon of water. however will it work.

Inside each LifeStraw could be a mass of hollow fibers with pores measurement zero.2 microns across. These pores lure microscopic organisms, however enable the water to pass freely, creating it a particularly economical microfiltration device. this is not the primary LifeStraw style that has existed, however it’s a big improvement: the older style used iodine to kill microorganism, however left the water with a nasty style. The new, chemical-free style will purify regarding one,000 liters of water before it wants commutation.

LifeStraw is right for hiking, carry, camping, travel, and emergency state. The straw-style filter style helps you to appear about to onethousand  liters of contaminated water into safe water.

Filters up to one,000 liters (264 gallons) of water

Removes 99.9999% of waterborne microorganism (>LOG vi reduction), together with E-Coli

Reduces cloudiness, filtering right down to zero.2 microns

Ultralight: weighs solely 2oz

Does NOT use iodine or iodinized rosin


Weighing solely two oz., the easy-to-use LifeStraw filter is one among the lightest filters out there, and it takes up little or no house in your backpack

Hollow-fiber filter membrane offers a high flow rate; sip on the straw and it filters the water whereas it’s on the thanks to your mouth

Get down near to the stream or lake and use the LifeStraw to drink straight from the supply, or fill your bottle and insert the filter to start out sipping

0.2-micron filter physically removes ninety nine.9999% of all microorganism, like enteric bacteria, Indian cholera and E.coli; removes ninety nine.9% of all protozoa, like mastigophore and cryptosporidium

Effectively filters up to 264 gal. (1,000 liters)

Regularly processing through the LifeStraw filter once drinking helps keep the filter clean and prevents hindering

Includes a removable lanyard

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