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Kenguru The Electric Hatch Back For Wheelchair Users

Kenguru The Electric Hatch Back For Wheelchair Users

July 28, 2018 05:51:53 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

For individuals in wheelchairs, finding convenient ways that to urge around could be a vast obstacle. however Kenguru, a replacement electric factory-made within the U.S., guarantees to present disabled individuals some much-needed independence.

Wheelchair users World Health Organization are searching for independence and the simplest way to urge around city can feel excited to be told concerning the Kenguru automobile. it’s the primary electrical power-driven vehicle designed for chair users. it’s environmentally friendly vehicle and driven directly from a chair with access via the rear-opening tailgate.

you just roll a chair in from a pop-up back door and drive out. it’s unremarkably wont to create short journeys, run errands, searching and obtaining around city. The automobile isn’t on the market however within the U.S  however interested consumers will reserve one on-line. the corporate has already raised $4 million from investors, has attracted tons of media attention and can offer a lot of Americans in wheelchairs with access to their own transportation.

How it Works

The Kenguru automobile is simple and convenient to use each day. You enter via the automated lowering ramp at the rear of the automobile. Guide your chair directly into the automobile and so simply lock into position. At the press of the key the rear door closes or opens. The controls look the same as a motorbike and area unit straightforward to navigate as you drive around city running errands, visiting family, friends, searching and additional.

It looks like your typical little four-wheel vehicle however differs in one huge way: The Kenguru is intended specifically for people that area unit in wheelchairs. As such, it doesn’t feature a driver’s seat. Instead, the Kenguru options one door placed within the rear of the vehicle that’s operated via remote and permits for simple access to drivers and their wheelchairs.

In place of a wheel, drivers operate the Kenguru by exploitation motorcycle-style handlebars, though there’s a joystick-controlled version.

Powering the diminutive individuals carrier area unit 2 2-kW motors set on the rear shaft. Total vary for the Kenguru hovers between 43-68 miles with a high speed of twenty eight miles per hour. uncalled-for to mention, the Kenguru can had best to stay at intervals town limits, that given its small frame shouldn’t be a difficulty.

World Health Organization will roll all through the rear hatch of the automobile into the driver’s space. The Austin-based company is getting ready to launch its 1st product, that has Associate in Nursing calculable vary of sixty miles on Associate in Nursing eight-hour charge. once it finally goes into production in 12-18 months.

Kenguru, that is Hungarian for “kangaroo,” was supported in European country however emotional to the USA once it struggled to search out working capital. No word however on the particular safety credentials of the automobile, that at seven feet by five feet is even smaller than a wise automobile. Yet, despite the Kenguru’s Ferrari-yellow paint job, the corporate does not expect its drivers to be concerned in any high-speed chases. The Kenguru solely goes twenty five mph, and is therefore meant for the typical trip to the foodstuff or down the road to figure.

The Kenguru measures seven feet long and five feet high, creating it smaller than a wise automobile. it’s no seats drivers merely roll a chair in from a pop-up back door. Designed to be used on native roads, the vehicle goes up to twenty five miles per hour, with Associate in Nursing calculable vary of sixty miles.

Kenguru incorporates a long, brave  back story. the first thought, developed by Istvan Kissaroslaki from European country a few years agone, hadn’t been able to move to market while not substantial support. however in 2010, Stacy Zoern, Associate in Nursing yankee attorney disabled from a muscle malady, stumbled on the Kenguru on-line and thought it absolutely was simply what she required.

The Kenguru could be a low speed vehicle meant to be driven around a region. It reaches a high speed of twenty five mph and might travel around sixty miles per day. the whole footprint of the totally electrical vehicle is around seven feet by five feet. looking at the Kenguru drive down the road in promotional videos provides you the size that it’s smaller than a wise automobile, and far smaller than a fullsize sedan.

The value of the Kenguru over alternative chair accessible vehicles is that any user will enter the rear of the Kenguru and secure themselves while not aid. Most vehicles outfitted for a chair user to drive still would like somebody to secure the user within the vehicle and pack the chair. The load time is pegged at 5 to fifteen seconds for the typical user to enter the vehicle and be able to go.


New found independence

Improved certainty

Ability to travel out once you need

Safe transportation that you simply management

Easy to regulate and use

You don’t got to exit your chair

Affordable compared to custom vans

Wheelchair users can notice the Kenguru provides them freedom to travel wherever they require, once they wish. within the past several chair users had to rely on alternative ways of transportation and made to attend for others to drive them around city. The Kenguru provides the last word independence most chair user’s need. it’s a superb thanks to get around city and it’s safe to drive on roads that have the most regulation is 45mph. get pleasure from your new found freedom and acquire on the roster nowadays for this wonderful electrical power-driven automobile for chair users

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