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Innovative Ryno Single Wheeled Self Balancing Electric Motorcycle

Innovative Ryno Single Wheeled Self Balancing Electric Motorcycle

September 27, 2018 04:01:25 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur


What is a RYNO? Well, it’s but a motorbike (in some ways), however in different ways that, it’s most a lot of. One-wheeled, electric-powered. A machine that has no larger footprint than you are doing. Capable of operative at quickens to ten miles per hour or as slowly as an informal stroll. The RYNO is transportation, humanized. The first personal quality device that’s designed to attach you to individuals, not take you off from them. The RYNO helps you to combine and mingle into a crowd, naturally.

The RYNO uses 2,000 watts of power to travel at max speeds of 10 mph ,It uses a series of gyroscopes (like those found in your phone), a wheel and handlebars to permit riders to stay themselves balanced. Hoffman says the driver’s body becomes a part of the hardware, controlling through reactions that he or she feels whereas riding.


RYNO depends on identical balance technology as different electronically stable merchandise like remote controlled helicopters, jet planes and house ships. The technology uses the mix of associate degree measuring device detector that is aware of wherever the middle of the planet is, a rotating mechanism detector that’s extremely reactive to sensing tilt angles, and a collection of motors to drive the wheel back and forth underneath the middle of gravity. because the bike leans forward the motors drive the wheel underneath the rider to stay the bike in balance. To accelerate the rider merely pushes down on the handlebars with enough force to stop the lean angle from coming to zero. The a lot of the rider works to stay the handlebars from developing, the more durable the motors drive to counter that force. region the RYNO steers sort of a standard bike for balance.


On the RYNO, the rider sits well and naturally upright. Field-tested bike engineering were simply tailored to the RYNO’s frame, despite its distinctive size and balance needs. The RYNO rider sits a lot of upright than the rider of a typical street-oriented sport bike, permitting them to a lot of quickly and simply pull back and slow the bike down. however notwithstanding how fast you’re moving, you’ll be as snug on the RYNO as you’re on your own 2 feet.

The Ryno is in a position to handle inclines up to a 20-percent grade, therefore it’s for the most part San Francisco-friendly. It conjointly takes regarding six hours to rouse absolutely employing a 12-volt DC charger. That offers it a spread of regarding ten miles or associate degree hour per charge at high speed. Real-world usage – stopping, starting, and going a lot of slowly – can most likely yield quite bit over that. The removable, reversible batteries conjointly power the Ryno’s junction rectifier headlights and light-up dash show.

It’s exhausting to explain what it seems like to ride the Ryno, however the most takeaway is it’s a lot of easier and safer than it looks. The vehicle very will balance itself while not a hitch, and obtaining the droop of leaning forward and backward to accelerate and decelerate takes solely a couple of seconds.

Indeed, The self-balancing skills of the Ryno are spectacular to the purpose of being miraculous. With the vehicle turned on and nobody seated   thereon, Hoffmann pushed down as exhausting as he may on the handlebars whereas standing ahead of it. It did not even budge on its single wheel because the gyro and motion sensors kicked in. in fact you’ll still tip it over from facet to facet fairly simply, however clearly your legs are there for stabilization.

A lot of what feels safe regarding riding the Ryno should do with weight distribution. the whole vehicle weighs a hundred and sixty pounds, with the wheel-and-motor portion accounting for many of that (140 pounds). that produces it feel extraordinarily bottom-heavy and frozen to the bottom. It conjointly makes it easier to choose up. The light-weight seat and frame, that are made of a mix of CNC tube benders and 3D-printed components, rocks back and forth on the distance and absorbs shock.

How does one park a 160-pound unicycle? that is another clever facet of the Ryno’s style. The front of the vehicle’s frame comes along in a very rubber-footed bar. merely tipping the vehicle forward rests it thereon bar like associate degree outsized kickstand. very little foot pegs fold out from the edges of the tire; you’ll flip them down if you wish to use them or lock them upward if you wish to ride free-footed.

Like a Segway, the Ryno ought to be fine to use on sidewalks and bike lanes, however those laws vary from state to state and town to town. In big apple town, as an example, a guard asked U.S. to prevent riding the Ryno on associate degree empty paseo. that is most likely as a result of the vehicle appearance heaps heavier and quicker than it truly is.

To help with the Ryno’s adoption as a thought personal transportation vehicle, the corporate has non commissioned associate degree freelance legal counsel to travel from town to town to lobby for permission to ride it on walkways.

The Ryno and also the Segway are terribly similar vehicles – each have high speeds of but twelve mph and a far smaller footprint than your average bicycle. that ought to facilitate the Ryno’s seek pedestrian-like treatment. in line with Hoffmann, occupations like park police or mall security guards also are inquisitive about the Ryno: It’s cooler-looking, and it conjointly offers advantages like having the ability to require your hands off the steering column to nab running Hot Topic shoplifters.

The RYNO production bike, doubtless to value around $4,200, are mass created and set initial to the streets of Asia before creating its thanks to the U.S. later this year*. A restricted run of fifty hand-built RYNOs are just like the assembly bike, however go with a signed certificate of genuineness, and price $25,000.

The Ryno Single Wheel Motorcycle permits you to find the ultimate sweet spot between navigating the roads and sidewalks.

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