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How Will New Google Panda Update Affect your SEO Results?


How Will New Google Panda Update Affect your SEO Results?

October 09, 2018 12:10:15 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

What Is The Google Panda Update?

Google’s Panda Update could be a search filter introduced in February 2011 meant to prevent sites with poor quality content from operating their approach into Google’s prime search results. Panda is updated from time-to-time. once this happens, sites previously hit could escape, if they’ve created the proper changes. Panda may additionally  catch sites that at large before. A refresh additionally suggests that “false positives” might get released.


When a visitor is searching for information, particularly if it’s several layers among the subject, the visitor might want to dig deeper. while not this, the visitor can leave the page and repeat the search question to travel in other places. you’ll then see high bounce rates among Google Analytics.

There are many ways you’ll be able to track your web site using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. each of those tools can provide you with nuggets of knowledge you’ll be able to use in fine-tuning necessary areas among your web site.

A Complete Guide to the Google Panda Update

Panda is that the official name of a Google algorithm update developed to cut back the prevalence of low-quality, skinny content within the search results, and to reward distinctive, compelling content.

At the time Panda launched, user complaints regarding the increasing influence of “content farms” were growing rampant.

Google’s Panda algorithm assigns pages a top quality classification, used internally and sculptured once human quality ratings, that’s incorporated as a ranking factor.

Websites that get over the impact of Panda do thus by revamping pages with low-quality content, adding new high-quality content, eliminating filler words and on top of the fold ads, and generally rising the user expertise because it relates to content.

Why Google Created Panda

In 2010, the falling quality of Google’s search results and also the rise of the “content farm” business model became a topic that was repeatedly creating the rounds.

As Google’s Amit Singhal later told Wired at Teddy boy, the “Caffeine” update lately 2009, that dramatically sped up Google’s ability to index content speedily, additionally introduced “some not thus good” content into their index. Google’s Matt Cutts told Wired this new content issue wasn’t extremely a spam issue, however one in all “What’s the bare minimum that I will do that’s not spam?”

In January 2011, Business business executive revealed a headline that says it all: “Google’s Search formula Has Been Ruined, Time to move Back To Curation.”

Undoubtedly, headlines like these were a serious influence on Google, that responded by developing the Panda algorithm.

How the Google Panda formula Works

How the Google Panda algorithm works. there’s no justification for scraping along random, unsourced comments (and summarizing instead of quoting the initial videos and articles) and occupation that an evidence of Panda.  Such unskilled, ill-informed makes an attempt to document Panda substitute wild speculations for what are basically undocumented  signals utilized by this formula to get pages for “quality”. the foremost common mistake individuals create once attempting to research Panda downgrades is presumptuous that the formula really finds answers for the sample queries Google shared.  It doesn’t work that approach.  Nor will the formula utilize “user engagement metrics” as a result of they’re not on the market to Google for many sites (and Googlers have repeatedly insisted that they are doing not use Google Analytics data).

Google Panda Update Launches

Panda was initial introduced on February twenty three, 2011.

On February twenty four, Google revealed a web log post regarding the update, and indicated that they “launched a reasonably huge algorithmic  improvement to our ranking—a modification that perceptibly impacts eleven.8% of our queries.” The expressed purpose of the update was as follows:

Search Engine Land founder Danny Sullivan originally noted it because the “Farmer” update, though Google later discovered that internally it had been noted as “Panda,” the name of the engineer WHO came up with the first formula breakthrough.

Analyses by SearchMetrics and SISTRIX (among others) of the “winners and losers” found that sites that were hit the toughest were pretty acquainted to anybody WHO was within the SEO business at the time. These sites enclosed wisegeek.com, ezinearticles.com, suite101.com, hubpages.com, buzzle.com, articlebase.com, and so on.

Notably, “content farms” eHow and wikiHow did higher once the update. Later updates would hurt these additional “acceptable” content forms similarly, with Demand Media losing $6.4 million within the fourth quarter of 2012.

The most pronto apparent modification within the SEO business was however heavily it hit “article promoting,” during which SEO practitioners wont to publish low-quality articles on sites like ezinearticles.com as a style of link building.

It was additionally clear that the foremost heavily hit sites had less engaging styles, additional intrusive ads, inflated word counts, low editorial standards, repetitive phrasing, poor analysis, and generally didn’t bump into as useful or trustworthy.

What Have we have a tendency to Learned From This Algorithm  Update?

Looking back to the start of Google in 1998 (when they initial registered WWW.google.com), they need centered on delivering the simplest search results to the tip user.

Google had their justifiable share of challenges with webmasters attempting to require blessings of flaws in its algorithm; but, this all modified success in 2011 into what we have a tendency to see these days in news reports from everywhere the planet.

Before 2011, it absolutely was fairly straightforward to rank for a keyword in any industry.  However, within the new era of machine learning with the Google data Graph and alternative developments in mobile and social media, times have modified. The playground is ever-changing once more and can still modification and evolve with technology.

Panda Updates: What are They, and Why are They necessary for Your Company?

Updates are even as they sound; Google is consistently fine-tuning however they deliver results to the searcher.

Test These Tasks on Your web site

I like to place myself within the shoes of the visitor looking for a product or service that i’m marketing. As such, I follow these steps:

First impression is essential. once reviewing a web site, am i able to perceive their product or service as represented on the website? Is it straightforward for the visitor to urge what they have to move to the next stage within the sales cycle?

Next, I will call the main phone number and talk with the front table person attempting to higher perceive the product or service

Then, I ask to talk to a sales person and continue the learning cycle

Why is that this Important?

Let’s say a visitor lands on your website: Would they notice what they required to form that next step within the sales cycle?

How am i able to Fix my Website?

In the webinar i’ll cover this topic in additional detail. Until then, I even have a tutorial video still relevant on the way to get over Panda four.0 back in June 2014.

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