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FASTag Solution For A Hassle Free Trip

FASTag Solution For A Hassle Free Trip

January 11, 2018 06:23:11 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

FASTag is a simple to use reloadable tag. This enable to automatic decision of payment charges and lets you passed through the payment plaza without ending for the cash transaction. FASTag is linked to prepaid account from the related payment amount is deducted. They employ Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology and are fixed on the vehicle’s windscreen after the tag account is active.

FASTag is a perfect solution for a hassle free trip on national highways. FASTag is presently operational at 180 toll plazas across national and state highways. More payment plazas will be carried under the FAS Tag program in the future.


FASTag is delivering by the tag plaza and the payment amount is deducted automatically.  When the vehicles are method in payment plaza. The vehicle with FASTag doesn’t need to stop at the toll plaza for the cash transaction.

SMS alerts for transactions

Customer will receive the SMS alerts then registered mobile numbers for all the transactions done by the tag account.

Rupees Online recharge

Customer can recharge the tag account online through, Credit Card/ Debit Card/ NEFT/ RTGS or Net Banking.

Toll pass No need to carry cash

Customer doesn’t need to worry about carrying cash for the toll payments.

Web portal for customers

Customers can access their statements by recording on the FASTag customer.

What are Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) / FASTag?

NHAI has progressed on view programs for Electronic Toll Collection on Toll Plazas on National Highways to be called FASTag.

It is a device that works RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) for generating toll payments directly from the prepaid account linked to it. It is secured on the vehicle and allows the driving finished to toll plazas. FASTag has validity of 5 years. You only need to recharge/ top up the FASTag as per your requirement.

Accessibility of cashless payments for toll fee throughout the nation interoperable Electronic Toll Collection Services for vehicles at toll plazas.

What are the benefits of using FASTag?
Easiness of payment – No need to carry cash for the toll transactions and saving time

Near non-stop movement of vehicles leading to lower cost.

Online Recharge – FASTag can be recharged online through Credit Card / Debit Card / NEFT/ RTGS   or Net banking

SMS alerts for toll transactions, low balance, etc.

Online Portal for customers

Validity of 5 Years

Incentive: You can available cash back of 10% on all Toll payments using FAS Tag in 2016-17

Other benefits are:

  1. Environmental benefit:

Reduced air pollution

Reduced use of paper

  1. Social benefit :

Reduced toll payment troubles

Analytic for better highway management

  1. Economic benefit:

Reduced strength in management at toll plaza

Reduced strength in monitoring centrally

Who is implementing this program?

IHMCL and NPCI are fulfilling this program with help from Toll Plaza Concessionaires, FASTag Issue Agencies and Toll Transaction Acquirer (select banks).


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