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Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller At Albee Baby Latch Base

Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller At Albee Baby Latch Base

August 09, 2018 01:01:04 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

Doona was designed with this primary goal in mind: to supply oldsters such as you with a secure and sensible resolution for carrying your baby.

Naturally, Doona was designed to realize peak protection for the baby within the car. Doona, and its distinctive Newborn Insert, were designed to totally support the baby even once used outside of the Car. The baby’s position within the Doona permits it to move freely and maintain direct eye contact.

As with any stroller, seat or alternative such device, medical professionals agree that a baby shouldn’t be restrained for long periods of your time. Therefore, straightforward Parenting recommends to not keep your baby restrained within the Doona for extended than needed.


Infant Insert

Cradles and supports newborn infants.

The Doona baby Insert provides young babies with the very finest levels of safety and luxury. Developed on board world engineering, safety.

It  supports your baby’s posture, by mimicking a natural position, therefore granting oldsters and babies the liberty to travel along.

Cradles and supports newborn infants.

Bamboo Charcoal Fiber textile

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Hypoallergenic
  • humidness & thermal control

Near-flat applied science position.

Additional cushioning adjusted for newborn infants.

Central anchor purpose prevents the insert from involuntary shifting.


Simplicity is embedded in our polymer. we tend to believe that so as to modify the lives of oldsters and their babies, we tend to should style good and easy product that square measure simply operated.

Car seat mode

Suitable once move in an exceedingly personal vehicle, taxi or aeroplane.

Pull along mode

Maneuver the merchandise simply whereas walking or seating next thereto.

On-the-go mode

Use the on-the-go mode after you leave the vehicle and need to run around together with your baby

Doona’s entire purpose is usefulness. If you have ever had to awkwardly carry a seat across a car parking zone or through a jammed town street, the straightforward unleash of wheels makes those treks less painful. Lifting is restricted to swing it in and taking it out of the automobile. And for those who’ve opted for travel systems to reduce the days they need to hold a seat, you continue to need to endure the torturesome routine of obtaining the stroller out of the automobile, evolution it, so obtaining the seat out and protection it into the stroller. With the all-in-one Doona, however, it is a few seconds before you’re out of the automobile and prepared to roll. (Interestingly, the Doona is heavier than most automobile seats owing to the wheel equipment

Perfect for those with busy lives and much of errands to run, it not solely makes the expertise less frustrating, however it conjointly saves time.

Perfect for those with busy lives and much of errands to run, it not solely makes the expertise less frustrating, however it conjointly saves time. I noticed  that it whiskerless many minutes off of each pit stop I created, that supplemental up quickly over the course of one day.

Because the Doona meets all the office standards, it is also a perfect possibility for airline travel  it’s approved on-board planes, there is less gear to wrangle, and you do not need to worry concerning gate-checking a stroller.

What sets it apart? apart from its major point, that hasn’t nevertheless been seen elsewhere on the market, the primary factor I noticed  was the space-saving edges. and my inconvenient town living accommodations feel less thus with simply this one piece of baby gear within the entranceway.

I conjointly noticed  that once in stroller mode, it absolutely was laughably straightforward to maneuver. The Doona may well be steered one-handed — one thing I did not contemplate an enormous deal till i attempted to require my initial sip of low whereas pushing my original stroller. owing to its low-profile style, it will flip tight corners and match into smaller areas. As a town person, this created tooling around with it on foot, with none want for a automobile, utterly worthy.

Did it build baby happy? while not a doubt, yes. For those moments once she was still off one’s guard once a automobile ride, i used to be ready to keep her asleep with the sleek transition provided by the Doona. No a lot of being jolted awake from Pine Tree State carrying the seat and therefore knock it  and her  back and forth with each step. Also, as a result of the stroller mode includes a a lot of alfresco feel thereto, baby appeared to relish her surroundings over she will in her ancient stroller, wherever she’s a lot of embedded, with less of a read of the globe round her.

The Doona could be a distinctive all-in-one system that mixes a seat and stroller into one kind issue. meaning no inserting of adapters or carrying 2 large items of kit after you want each a seat ANd stroller for an outing. this implies the sole lifting and carrying of the seat is just into and out of a vehicle. you furthermore mght will not have to be compelled to stash a separate stroller within the trunk of your automobile, thus it’s space-saving similarly therein regard.

You have the choice of either mistreatment your car’s safety belt with the system as-is, or use the LATCH base if that is higher given your logistic desires. Another bonus: It maneuvers quite simply, which means you’ll build tight turns and match into tight areas.

One of the key downsides to the current innovative style is that it’s a restricted life for your kid, thus you will have to induce one thing else for after they outgrow the seat. meaning it’s possible best for those who are heavily traveling or square measure very restricted in terms of area throughout that initial year of life.


Unique stroller and seat dance orchestra

Easy to transition from automobile to strolling

Easy to maneuver

Relatively light-weight as a stroller

Great for transporation


Limited age/size span

Bit serious as a standalone seat

Can’t lay flat/recline thanks to style

Technical Specifications

Suitability: Rearward facing babe seat

Weight Limits: 4-35 lbs

Height Limit: up to thirty two inches

Colors: seven colours

No frame basket for storing things

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