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Dewulf Reveals Latest Automated Carrot Harvester Machine Technology

Dewulf Reveals Latest Automated Carrot Harvester Machine Technology

September 07, 2018 12:28:35 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

Dewulf reveals latest carrot harvester

Dewulf single row carrot harvester Dewulf GBC one row toplifter trailed. three ton bunker.

Exhibition machine on ELMIA GROW honest 9-10 December in Jonkoping, Sweden.

Dewulf kit is brought into the united kingdom by Thetford firm Niagri Engineering.

Self-propelled carrot harvesters are a number of the foremost spectacular items of summer kit on the united kingdom machinery market.

Dewulf’s latest three-row carrot puller known as the Zkiiise has gained varied enhancements over its precursor, with giant rollers further beneath the topping blades to minimise losses and blockages.

Dewulf’s 3-row, trailed high lifting harvester with elevator, allows purchasers to reap throughout tough field conditions with a high capability output. The pick-up component is fitted with teethed belts for lifting carrots, turnip, red beet, celeriac, etc. The pick-up component ensures an ideal selecting angle and ends during a forced halm separation unit.

The long selecting belts and curiously-named hedgehog belt makes certain the merchandise is close to enough clean as before long because it is picked, says the corporate.

The machine, that comes out of Dewulf’s Romanian manufacturing plant, additionally contains a a lot of accessible chassis to boost access to any or all the most parts, says the Belgian-based gathering specialist.

No surprise that it’s a reasonably niche product  the primary machine is functioning in Israel Associate in Nursingd there area unit most likely solely some of producers within the kingdom that might justify such an investment.

Dewulf’s 3-row, trailed high lifting harvester with elevator, allows purchasers to reap throughout tough field conditions with a high capability output. The pick-up component is fitted with teethed belts for lifting carrots, turnip, red beet, celeriac, etc. The pick-up component ensures an ideal selecting angle and ends during a forced halm separation unit.

Unique area unit the ‘Floating Shares’, two individual gathering parts with freelance topping knives, whereby most stability is bonded, even with high speeds. little up-and-down movements of the pick-up component don’t have any influence on the position of the share arms, whereby most stability is bonded and a far better cutting result’s achieved.

The halm separation unit has (per row) two set of half-dozen topping knives and is fitted with ‘Labyrinth Sealing’ within the bearing homes. This provides the very best degree of sturdiness within the market, whereby even the littlest dirt particles and aggressive plant fluids cannot gain access to the bearings. 2 grease nipples per head lubricate all six topping blades through a central grease channel inside the housing.

The drive of the halm separation unit is completed by a maintenance-free ‘Gearbox Drive’. 2 heavy-duty  sprockets guarantee an ideal synchronization of the blades. As a result, the A-one of the carrots stay intact and therefore the topping knives last longer.

From the halm separation unit, product goes via the sieving net onto the elevator.

Thanks to the long gathering belts the elevator is connected higher on the chassis, there for the merchandise is transported up at a considerably lower angle, that ensures no fall back of the merchandise. The wide elevator guarantees also a high capability operation.

Stability of the machine is a crucial facet relating to the intake of the merchandise. an excessive amount of equalisation of the machine will have a negative result of this. giant wheels ensures Associate in Nursing best stability and ground clearance within the field. together with a balanced weight distribution, low ground pressure is obtained.

The sturdy mono chassis guarantees a superior sturdiness with an occasional weight. The open construction provides a significantly improved read of the gathering method.

Standard you’ve got Associate in Nursing simply and fast access to any or all main parts so as to try to to the correct maintenance. Beside of that our machines area unit equipped with customary elements that area unit worldwide simply accessible.

Unique points:

  • High capability
  • Strong and open chassis
  • tried and tested worldwide
  • skilled management unit with joystick within the cabin of the tractor
  • Topping knives driven by the maintenance-free ‘Gearbox Drive’
  • Maintenance-free parts
  • customary spare elements, worldwide accessible
  • terribly manoeuverable machine
  • High improvement capability
  • Perfect “grip” to product by means that of teethed belts
  • giant elevator
  • Hedgehogbelt to separate the crop and therefore the remainder of the soil

Machine is customary equipped with:

Road rules EU

Control unit to line the changes of the functions + joystick to control the largely used functions

Cable set with fuse for direct affiliation of the control-unit and joystick of a trailed harvester to the battery of the tractor.

Manual support foot

Cylinder on the bar

Steering wheels for trailed harvesters with wheel position indication on the control-unit + brake and hydraulic service brakes

Automatic neutral position of the steering wheels

Hydraulic instrumentation on the harvester (gearbox, LS pump, gear pumps, oil tank and oil cooler). Hydraulic cylinders area unit operated by tractor fluid mechanics

The gathering parts area unit hanged one by one to the chassis and area unit manually adjustable to handle completely different gathering distances (standard: row distance got to be between 380 millimetre and 600 mm). The inclination of the harvestings units is 25°

half-dozen hydraulicly driven rotary torpedos (speed and turning direction area unit adjustable from the cabin)

Length of the gathering belts: fourteen.000 mm. The machine is provided with 370 millimetre giant drive wheels for the harsting belts.

half-dozen Cutters set with flat knives, every bearing housings has 2 bearings and labyrinth protection. hydraulicly driven, synchronisation of the cutters is formed certain by a closed shell. (3-row)

Reversing of the cutters, gathering belts, ex gratia rotary torpedos, ex gratia rotary cleaners from the cabin (together or one by one reversible)

Speed of the gathering belts and therefore the cutters adjustable from the cabin

four hydraulicly driven rollers: one roller below every cutter set (to avoid loss of carrots) + one entrance roller of the halm cowl (to avoid halm accumulation on the frame of the cross conveyor)

Hedgehog unit: dimension one.000 mm, length 1.680 mm, inclination adjustable from the cabin, speed adjustable on the machine

Discharge conveyor: dimension 800 millimetre. At the top of this conveyor may be a distributor put in, to distribute the crop equally into the discharge elevator

Discharge elevator: dimension one.200 millimetre with flat discharge (only 19° inclination): higher discharge capability at a lower discharging speed. The discharging height is between one.000 millimetre and three.800 mm

Automatic tensioner of the discharge elevator net (with spring tensioner).


  • One further joystick in tractor for in operation the bunker.
  • Hydraulic rotating torpedoes.
  • Hydraulic rotating rubber finger cleaners two laptop below harvest belts.
  • Automatic steering.
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Hedgehog belt.
  • Reversing of knifes and harvest belts.
  • Hydraulic driven roller below the knifes.
  • Automatic height adjustment of elevator to the bunker, and additionally automatic filling of the bunker.
  • Stone unleash at the share.
  • Wheels Trelleborg 600/55 R26,5
  • Cross conveyor at finish of the bunker for filling of boxes.
  • Hydraulic brakes.
  • Wheel steering with automotive vehicle positioning of the wheels.

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