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An Innovative Derma Clip Non Invasive Skin Closure Device

An Innovative Derma Clip Non Invasive Skin Closure Device

July 18, 2018 04:21:20 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

The DermaClip Device

DermaClip, associate degree Innovative Advance in Non-Invasive Wound Closure:

A New Paradigm

by dermis Clip Team New Style calendar month 04, 2018

DermaClipis happy to announce the industrial enterprise of its first peer reviewed article inside the North American nation. Dr. Jeffrey S. Freed and Dr. John Ko’s article

The Derma Clip device is a needle-less for sutures, staples and glues accessible in Regular and massive, the device is quite straightforward mode but quite advanced as a wound closure device.

simple closure of surface wounds and additionally the end of surgical incisions with no puncturing or crushing of the skin. surgical staples and skin glues is meant to evert the skin on every closure to push healthy healing whereas being quick, safe and easy-to-use. this may be accomplished through a proprietary vogue that comes with a plastic structures that mates a “Living Hinge” sandwiched between a pair of layers of alkylate-based adhesive to a ratchet mechanism thus on elevate the skin inside the closure methodology and evert it.

For larger wounds, the house between the two facets ar typically swollen on the way side the initial dimension. Merely gently pull the adhesive pads apart to create the additional distance between the sides. Once increasing the device to bridge the gap between the wound edges manually the wound to allow position of the DermaClip devices.

By feat the device closed by the tabs, the angulate faces of the plastic bridge encounter each other, thus lifting the wound edges. This lifting action puts the viable stratum on either facet of the wound into contact. in several words, the design is supposed to create a natural eversion of the skin edges on closure – eversion being the result a proficient doc seeks to accomplish, as a result of it’s wide believed that wound eversion is crucial for minimizing scarring as a results of it maximizes the prospect for proper dermal approximation.


10 thousand  of patients, DermaClip is achieving a replacement traditional of wound closure. The device has been used successfully in place of sutures, medical staples or skin glues to shut a broad vary of procedures, including:

  • abdominal delivery
  • Adbominoplasty
  • ablation
  • Total hip replacement
  • Wound & laceration repair
  • Skin tears in geriatric & diabetic patients
  • medical specialty wound closure


DermaClip presents a singular answer to reduce closure time whereas eliminating needlestick risk and skin punctures. that’s the DermaClip non-invasive approach to wound closure.

non-invasive wound closure victimization dermaclip, the dermaclip application methodology

The DermaClip application methodology. (Visit the IFU Page to be told more)

The numerous benefits of victimization DermaClip include:


Skin Closure System whereas not Needles

The DermaClip device can be a single-use, non-invasive, needle-less suture, staple and glue replacement.

Patient can Remove; No Follow-Up Visit required

When acceptable, the patient doesn’t need to return for removal. just peel the device off style of a Band-Aid.

Quick to Apply; straightforward as “Pick, Place & Pull”

Simply “Pick” the device off the backing paper, “Place” it on the approximated wound. “Pull” the device closed until you hear the “click,” signifying that the device is quick shut.

Versatile, ar typically Used on all Wounds

DermaClip treats single-layer wounds or final closure of deeper wounds & incisions.

Learning curve is measured in minutes

The method is accessible to everyone; even somebody with negligible medical employment can apply the device properly.

Adhesive Is Breathable & Contains No Latex

The device utilize a non-latex, breathable, medical adhesive and food grade plastic closures



The fact that the DermaClip devices unit segmented into individual units makes the device terribly versatile once closing wounds. the large DermaClip is right for a lengthy, straight incisions or if there is tissue loss that has created a spot between the wound edges. The Regular DermaClip options a further slender profile, making it ideal for things where wounds have curvature, unit smaller, or would love further precise skin edge approximation.


DermaClip is made of top-of-the-line, non-latex, long-duration adhesive. The adhesive is powerful enough to effectively maintain wound closure for seven to 10 days The Derma Clip device is made from non-latex materials.

This gentle adhesive is meant to work well works well on fragile, diabetic or geriatric skin. The adhesive based spreads the strain of the closure across the complete pad, reducing the focal tension on the skin edges that ends up in further trauma and skin tearing.

The goal of the DermaClip device is to eliminate trade-offs in skin closure. The DermaClip device’s ability is to be used on patients with fragile skin permits it to be one in each of the foremost complete closure solutions on the market.


The DermaClip application methodology is as straightforward as “Pick, Place and Pull.” Simply, select the device off the backing paper; pinch approximate the wound and Place the device; and Pull the tabs closed.

Surgeons merely being introduced to the device were able to shut associate degree about to 3-inch cut in however a try of minutes (as seen inside the video on the DermaClipDevice page). like an expert and proper technique, even higher results are typically achieved. The speed of the device makes it wonderful for applications ranging from emergency things all the due to the operating room. to boot, the non-invasive nature of the device permits it to be removed whereas not damaging the wound; therefore, the DermaClip device might also be used as a brief lived closure for sorting things where further follow-up treatment is required.


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