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Amabrush World’s First Automatic Electric Toothbrush

Amabrush World’s First Automatic Electric Toothbrush

August 10, 2018 04:30:31 PM / By : Srikanth Giddalur

Amabrush – World’s 1st Automatic Toothbrush

Amabrush is that the world’s 1st, Automatic Toothbrush. This is Automatic, and finishes Brushing in precisely 10 seconds. All you’ve got to try to to is press one button, wait 10 seconds, and you’ll have absolutely clean teeth!

Many folks hate brushing our teeth most that we tend to avoid doing thus whenever possibleeven tho’ we all know we tend to shouldn’t… Brushing our teeth a minimum of doubly every day maintains smart dental health. this can be why we tend to fictitious Amabrusha device 3 years within the creating with one goal: to form toothbrushing faster, automatic, and a lot of economical thus you’ve got longer for the relevant things in your life.


The dentifrice is developed and created by a serious dentifrice manufacturer with a history of over one hundred years. This manufacturer fulfills the standard norm DIN linear unit ISO 13485 and also the needs of IFS menage and private Care product, and was one amongst the primary makers in Europe retrieving the IFS-HPC certificate.

And tools area unit solely nearly as good because the person exploitation it! The key issue is that the majority folks use them wrong, or perhaps worse, aren’t exploitation them in the least.

Brushing teeth could be a job wherever you want to be extremely targeted. Toothbrushes ought to be command like pencils, so pressure is as lightweight as attainable. The bristles ought to be soft, so as to not injury your gums. And you ought to simply wiggle the toothbrush with delicate vibrations, rather than doing long strokes. electrical toothbrushes area unit handled otherwise than manual ones. With them, you mustn’t stroke in the least. These toothbrushes area unit designed to be command in situ, so the small vibrations of the bristles will do their job (they wiggle for you).

To keep clean, the versatile mouthpiece is created from medicine siloxane that kills quite ninety nine p.c of all microorganism. The Bristles area unit soft enough to forestall injury to the gums however sturdy enough to scrub teeth exactly. Microchannels engineered into the mouthpiece transport the dentifrice throughout the device. improvement is as simple as remotion off within the sink and a bit like an everyday toothbrush, the mouthpiece ought to get replaced each 3 to 6 months.

All the advanced technology sits within the handpiece at the side of the dentifrice capsule. The dentifrice comes in 3 FDA-approved varieties: Blue for further contemporary, white for lightening, and rose for sensitive. at the same time, the handpiece creates sturdy vibrations to oscillate the bristles and clean the teeth. as a result of every tooth is clean at identical time, the method is finished once simply ten seconds. With a traditional toothbrush and also the suggested a hundred and twenty seconds of brushing, every surface gets brushed for under one.25 seconds.

The battery inside the handpiece uses simply enough power to last for twenty eight sessions on one charge. this suggests users will endure vacation and still brush their teeth doubly every day for 2 weeks while not exploitation the charging station.

For sharing functions, multiple mouthpieces uses  identical handpiece. A powerful magnet connects the two along hence once it’s time to share, merely take away and swap this mouthpiece.

Amabrush covers all of the suggested ways. The bristles area unit aligned in a very 45° angle against the gum line, and area unit soft enough so as to rub rather than scratch (like nylon bristles). and also the pressure against your teeth is lightweight. delicate vibrations move the bristles back-and-forth, that permits them to get rid of plaque and keep your gums unblemished.

Amabrush is for individuals like United States of America – United Nations agency simply brush their teeth as a result of they need to, and not as a result of they need to.

Amabrush was designed to form toothbrushing less annoying. a number of United States of America hate toothbrushing most, that we tend to brush not targeted enough, shortly enough, not ok, or not in the least. and a few folks merely cannot brush properly in the least, as a result of they’re unable to try to to thus. it’s still underneath development, and presently for individuals with healthy gum and teeth. this can be our goal. Right toothbrushing for everybody and automatically!

Amabrush is created out of 3 parts:

The Mouthpiece

The Handpiece

The dentifrice Capsules

Antibacterial Material

The versatile mouthpiece has intrinsical micro-channels that transport the dentifrice to your teeth. The mouthpiece is created of medicine siloxane that kills ninety nine.99% of all microorganism and options 3D-arranged bristles on either side to scrub your teeth. It’s soft enough to forestall gum injury however sturdy enough to scrub your teeth exactly. It may be cleaned by traditional remotion, as you’d mate with regular toothbrushes.


Mouth piece

This flexible easy-clean mouthpiece fits all adults. it’s soft enough to avoid damaging the gums and powerful enough to provide smart improvement results.

Its bristles take away microorganism completely, whereas fine microchannels mechanically dispense the proper quantity of dentifrice.


All the technology is within the handpiece. It makes the bristles vibrate quite ten,000 times per minute whereas associate degree integrated mechanism foams the dentifrice and provides it on to your teeth.

The handpiece is charged from a wireless charger. One charge is enough for a full month!


Simply place a dentifrice pod in your handpiece – that is all! One pod is enough for an entire month.

Pods area unit out there in 3 varieties: Perly-White, Silky-Mild, and Extra-Fresh.

Brushing Technique

The bristles area unit directed in a 45° angle against your animal tissue blow. This simulates the Bass methodology, that is suggested by dentists and consultants. The bristles area unit love soft-bristled toothbrushes. This ensures the foremost comfy, safest toothbrushing and makes gum-damage not possible. we tend to work closely with dentists and dental universities to handle 2 concerns: clean teeth and no gum injury.

Single Size

We analyzed over twoThousand totally different jaws from adult females and males. the tiny distinction between each genders is ironed out by the versatile material of the mouthpiece.

several studies prove that used bristles aren’t as effective in terms of plaque removal, as new ones.


The handpiece contains all of the advanced technology. It creates sturdy vibrations with associate degree amplitude of nine.5G to oscillate the bristles and clean your teeth. an inventive algorithmic rule ensures the generation of various vibrations. This leads to a coordinated movement of the bristles, that area unit designed to own totally different resonant frequencies.


Amabrush will brush your teeth in precisely ten seconds, as a result of all of your teeth area unit clean at the same time. Even during this ten seconds, each tooth surface is clean longer compared with common toothbrushes. If you sweep your teeth for the suggested a hundred and twenty seconds with an everyday toothbrush (manual or electric), each surface gets brushed for simply one.25 seconds (given the very fact that you just have thirty two teeth and each teeth has 3 surfaces). Amabrush brushes all of your surfaces for whole ten seconds. This means: each tooth surface gets brushed 8x longer and also the total toothbrushing length is 12x faster.

Pump, Battery & Charging

A Inherent mechanism spray and delivers the proper quantity of Toothpaste  to your teeth, and also the integrated battery lasts for twenty eight sessions of toothbrushing. thus if you endure vacation while not the charging station, you’ll be able to brush your teeth for a minimum of period of time doubly every day.

The handpiece conjointly contains a low-energy wireless charging module (Qi). So yes, you’ll even use your wireless smartphone charger to charge Amabrush.


A magnetic association on the handpiece offers you the chance to use Amabrush with totally different individuals. merely place the mouthpiece close to the handpiece, and also the sturdy magnet can mechanically do the remainder for you. we tend to were told that “it extremely works like magic,” and that we suppose identical.

Notice: if you wish to share Amabrush with totally different individuals, you only would like one handpiece! everybody desires their own mouthpiece, however you do not have to be compelled to get a separate handpiece for each person!

The dentifrice Capsule

Replacement & Varieties

The dentifrice capsules area unit merely placed into the handpiece, mechanically providing the proper quantity of dentifrice anytime you sweep your teeth. one capsule lasts for quite a month, and is out there in 3 totally different, FDA-approved varieties: further contemporary (blue), lightening (white) and Sensitive (rose – while not fluoride). The dentifrice is specially developed because it must be a lot of liquid than regular ones.

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